Real Tone on Pixel 6
Be seen as you truly are.
A stunning close-up photo of a person looking into the Pixel camera, while natural light beautifully highlights their face. A stunning close-up photo of a person looking into the Pixel camera, while natural light beautifully highlights their face.
Do cameras see everyone?
Historically, camera technology has excluded people of color, especially those with darker skin tones. A lack of diverse testing means that today’s cameras can carry that same bias, delivering unflattering photos for people of color.
The importance of being seen.
Photos document our memories and tell our stories. They’re symbols of what – and who – matters in society, so it’s critical that they work fairly for everyone, no matter your skin tone.
What is Real Tone?
Google’s mission to make our camera and image products work more equitably for people of color. We vastly improved our camera tuning models and algorithms to more accurately highlight the nuances of diverse skin tones with Real Tone software.
Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 are the first phones with Real Tone.
Outdoor portrait of a person dressed in a yellow blazer and ascot.
Angled portrait looking up at a person standing against a concrete wall.
Side-view portrait of a person posing for the Pixel camera, showing depth of field as the background blurs behind them.
Building with the community.
Our teams worked directly with a range of image experts who are celebrated for their beautiful and accurate imagery of people of color. Together we built a more equitable camera.
Adrian Octavius Walker
Photographer & Mixed-Media Artist
Adrienne Raquel
Photographer & Art Director
Ava Berkofsky
Dana Scruggs
Photographer & Director
Deun Ivory
Multidisciplinary Artist
Jomo Fray
Joshua Kissi
Photographer & Director
Kennedi Carter
Kira Kelly
Kristian Mercado
Film Director & Writer
Mambu Bayoh
Fine Arts Photographer & Filmmaker
Micaiah Carter
Photographer & Director
Natacha Ikoli
Digital Intermediate Colorist
Noémie Tshinanga
Photographer & Artist
Shayan Asgharnia
Photographer & Director
Zuly Garcia
Photographer & Creative Director
How Real Tone works.
We focused on six core areas to make Pixel 6 our most inclusive camera.
Face detection
To make a great portrait, your phone first has to see a face in the picture. That’s why we improved our face detection model's ability to see faces of all colors.
Auto-white balance
To better reflect the colorful nuances in all skin tones, we improved our auto-white balance tuning with the input of our image expert partners.
We made changes to our auto-exposure tuning to ensure your skin looks like you – not unnaturally brighter or darker.
Stray light
Stray light entering an image can make darker skin tones look ashy or washed out, so we developed an algorithm to reduce its negative effects in your pictures.
Face Unblur
Getting a sharp portrait in low light shouldn’t depend on how you look, so we significantly cut down image blur for people with darker skin tones in Night Sight portraits.
Real Tone in Google Photos
Our experts also helped us improve Google Photos’ auto enhance software — so you feel seen from the moment you take a picture, to when you edit it. It’ll be available on Google Photos in the coming weeks.
It’s a powerful thing to be seen.
Google partnered with photographers to accurately portray the skin tone of over 50 individuals of different backgrounds and ethnicities using Pixel 6 with Real Tone.
Our image is part of our identity. Pixel 6 is designed to accurately photograph the beauty of all skin tones.
Side view portrait of a person standing in front of a tree
Made by Joshua Kissi with Pixel 6 Pro
Picture progress.
Google partnered with T Brand, the creative content studio of New York Times Advertising, to explore image equity through the lens of the Pixel 6. Check out the collaborations.
Kennedi Carter
"There is power in being seen, and there is strength in documenting our stories."
Photo taken by Kennedi Carter of a model standing outdoors against a lightly-colored wall.
Made by Kennedi Carter with Pixel 6 Pro
Experience Real Tone on the new Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6.
Two Pixel 6 phones are back to back, revealing a photo on the screen. Two Pixel 6 phones are back to back, revealing a photo on the screen.