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Smart homes are for renters, too.
Smart locks, thermostats, Wi-Fi, and more let you customize your home – even if you rent it.

There are usually some hard-and-fast rules that come with being a tenant – like no wallpaper. So you’re stuck with the landlord’s choice of paint. 

But renters can still enjoy the convenience, fun, and security of home automation that Google’s smart home devices can bring to their living space.3 Many of these products can be placed around your home without invasive installations, and setting them up on the Google Home platform helps make a rental feel like your permanent home. 

For example, the Nest x Yale Lock, a tamper-proof, key-free smart lock, keeps renters extra safe with the ability to lock and unlock their door from anywhere, while Nest Cams give them peace of mind when they’re out. Nest Cams are viewable from anywhere through the Google Home app. And to make any home feel more comfortable, Nest thermostats give renters more temperature control and can save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.4

Even better, Nest devices can be controlled easily through the Google Home app.1 You can use it to manage your compatible smart home through your Pixel phone, tablet, or watch, or other device. The Google Pixel Tablet and Nest Hub displays offer a control center to see what’s happening across all Google Home devices. Because the app works with over 80,000 compatible products, it allows you to create all kinds of automated routines with ease – like scheduling your lights to dim at night or your smart vacuum to automatically turn on in the morning. 

Here are a few examples of how apartment dwellers are using Google Home to make their homes smarter with Nest devices, the Google Home app, and some helpful automations.5

Nicole James People are probably most surprised that we had the old thermostat replaced with Nest since we’re renters.Nest brings toasty winter mornings to a converted loft

Since moving into their converted loft in Brooklyn three years ago, Nicole James and her partner have turned their dwelling into a smart home, with smart light bulbs and smart switches. Their devices and other smart home essentials like Nest Wifi Pro are compatible with Google Home thanks to Matter, a new open standard that helps them work together more easily than ever.6 And James is able to install everything without running into any renter rules. 

For James, switching out her apartment’s thermostat for a Nest Learning Thermostat has made a big difference in her comfort. She sets it to turn down the temperature at night so it’s chilly when she’s sleeping, and then begin to warm up in the morning so she wakes up to a cozy place. 

One of the things that makes Nest thermostats so convenient for renters is that they require no additional wiring in most homes.7 Most people set theirs up in 60 minutes or less – usually less time than it takes for your landlord to text you back if you have a question. Just make sure the Nest thermostat you choose is compatible with your HVAC system first. And when it’s time to move, uninstall it and take it with you to your next place. Nest thermostats are designed to be easy to install for most heating and cooling systems, but if you don’t want to set it up yourself, just contact Google’s installation partner, OnTech.  

“For a converted loft with six total electrical outlets, it’s pretty high-tech,” says James. “People are probably most surprised that we had the old thermostat replaced with Nest since we’re renters, but a drafty old loft means very chilly winter mornings, so heat that starts up before I’m awake is non-negotiable.” 

Google Home makes entertaining more personal

Renting doesn’t mean you have to give up ambiance, either. Erik Robertson moved across the country to a rental home in Connecticut last year with his partner – and made sure to pack smart lights and smart switches to help them start their lives in a new city.

Robertson finds his Google Home setup indispensable for home entertaining. Planning ahead for guests, he presets the temperature for when they arrive – usually a little cooler than when it’s just him and his partner. If he’s busy in the kitchen prepping food, he uses the Google Home app to set the lights and turn on the music before everyone arrives. Hands-free, he can use a voice command to start his automations.

Renting may limit you from completely customizing your home, but Nest products and Google Home help you design a space that almost feels like it’s yours to own.

Many smart home solutions from Google Home are renter-friendlyBecause Nest thermostats require no additional wiring in most homes, even renters can enjoy their energy-saving benefitsEasily manage all your compatible smart home devices with the Google Home app1 on your Google Pixel phone, tablet, or watch2
Nest Thermostat
Energy-saving smarts, comfortable home.
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  1. Requires a compatible smart device.

  2. Requires working internet and Wi-Fi.

  3. Home Automations require additional enrollment and setup, and depend on working internet, Wi-Fi and service availability from Google and third parties that manufacture devices included in the Automations.

  4. Independent studies conducted in the US showed that Nest thermostats saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling. Individual savings are not guaranteed. Learn more about savings with Nest thermostats.

  5. Requires a compatible smart device. Personalized features require additional enrollment and setup.

  6. Many Google devices will be automatically updated to support Matter. Check for more information on Matter-enabled devices and functionality.

  7. Find out if your home requires the Nest Power Connector to be compatible with Nest thermostats at If you purchase pro install with your Nest Thermostat, you do not need to purchase the Nest Power Connector.