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4 ways to keep your home running smoothly.
The redesigned Google Home app makes it easier to control your smart home devices, wherever you are.

Your smart home just got even smarter.

The Google Home app has always been a helpful home companion, and now it’s easier to use than ever, with a new design and new features. Access your favorite compatible devices right from the app’s home screen, so you can easily control the ones you use the most. It’s compatible with tens of thousands of smart home devices, so you can control them and create all kinds of automated routines through a single app.2 Here’s how to get started.  

Because your home is unique, you can use the Google Home app in a way that works best for you.3
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1Get acquainted with the new Google Home app

With five tabs on the home screen, the refreshed Google Home app lets you instantly see the devices and automations you use every day. 

Favorites is your personal command center. The Devices tab shows what you’ve connected in a simple list view. Automations is where you build and manage all your Routines. The Activity tab helps you better understand what’s happening in your home. And Settings lets you easily find and manage devices, services, and members.

2Control all your smart home devices

The redesigned app is easy to set up and use, letting you control the devices you need to make your home – and its inhabitants – more organized, connected, and safe. 

View your Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell video history from your phone, and add powerful home automations in the Google Home app. Use your Google Pixel Watch to view your camera notifications, and your Google Pixel Tablet or computer to control your cameras, doorbells, speakers, displays, and more.

You can now conveniently control your smart home devices from your Pixel phone or Pixel Tablet. Just swipe down to open Quick Settings and tap the Home tile. It shows your favorite devices from the Google Home app. Quickly adjust the lights or unlock your door.4 

3Check in on your home when you’re out

Heading out for ice cream after dinner? Check your Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell’s live feeds whenever you want.5 Pin the feeds in Favorites, and easily scroll through each camera’s event history to see what you missed.

4Automate important Routines 

The new Google Home app has more home automation capabilities to help you get a jump on the day.1 You can set up an automation to have Google Home start brewing your coffee, turn on the lights in your kids’ bedroom, and wake them up with their favorite music.2 Just tap the Automations tab when you open the Google Home app, choose “Household Routine,” add the starters and actions you want, name your Routine, and save.2 Once set up, the Routine will run automatically with the starters that you have, such as a device doing something. You can also start a Routine with a single voice command using Google Assistant, or with a tap in the Google Home app. The Routine can also be started by a device, like someone ringing your Nest Doorbell.

Home automations can help you turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat, and turn off your Nest Cams.2 Set up a Home Routine for when you arrive and when everyone is out. Create a dinner Routine and let your smart devices announce to your family when the meal is ready, set the ambience with dimmed or colorful dining room lights, and cue the music to play in the kitchen.6

Your home is your haven. Google Home helps make it more comfortable, convenient, and secure.

Five tabs on the home screen let you instantly see the devices and automations you use every dayView your Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell video history from your phoneUse the Google Home app to set up automations for your devices1
Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery)
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  1. Home Routines should be used as a convenience feature for everyday home automations and not for life-sustaining or safety-critical use cases. Home Routines depend on working internet, Wi-Fi, and service availability from both Google and the third parties who manufacture the devices included in the Home Routines. Home Routines may not always work and Google is not responsible for any harms or losses incurred as a result of any failed Home Routines. For more information about Google Nest product and service availability, please visit the Help Center.

  2. Devices sold separately. Compatible smart devices required.

  3. Personalized features require compatible smart device(s) and additional enrollment and setup.

  4. Home control features on the tablet require compatible smart devices (sold separately).

  5. Requires working internet and Wi-Fi.

  6. Subscriptions may be required.