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The loudest cities in the world are no match for Active Noise Cancellation on Google Pixel Buds Pro.
Got a subway commute, or a walk past rumbling trucks? Pop these buds in your ears to hear more of what you love.

For many city dwellers, commuting to and from work means putting up with a deafening cacophony of subway sounds.

Kevin Ong looks forward to it. When he gets on the train for his one-hour commute from Queens to Manhattan, Ong pops in his Google Pixel Buds Pro, and the screeching brakes and loud conversations around him fade away. Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal™ uses a custom processor, algorithms, and speakers to minimize outside sound. And since Pixel Buds Pro have all-day battery life1 and a made-for-you fit, Ong doesn’t have to worry about them dying or getting uncomfortable during his commute. Sensors actively measure pressure in the ear canal and relieve it so you can stay comfortable. 

“At the end of the day, all I want to do is relax. I don’t need loud noises or pressure increasing my anxiety,” he says.

Ong isn’t alone in his response to noise. A growing body of research shows that noise isn’t just a nuisance – it’s also a health risk. Nearly one-third of the US population lives in areas where noise levels routinely exceed 45 decibels, which the World Health Organization says can put people at a greater risk of adverse health effects.2 Chronic exposure to loud sounds can trigger overreactions in the amygdala and endocrine system that can lead to inflammation, hypertension, and plaque buildup in arteries. By wearing Pixel Buds Pro in noisy environments, you can better focus on the sounds you want, while the earbuds help direct your nervous system away from the din.

David Yarde I’ve come to rely on my Pixel Buds to help manage my stress.
Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.
Focused and alert

Music can help divert your attention from noise around you, and the Pixel Buds Pro speakers have custom-designed 11-millimeter drivers and volume EQ to make music sound powerful yet nuanced.3 But, just as important as delivering great sound, Pixel Buds Pro can also block sound. In fact, this is how Tom Baglee carves out a quiet zone for studying. A student at New Mexico State University, Baglee has found a way to get focused no matter where he is. “I’m easily distracted by background sounds,” says Baglee. “I’ll often put my Pixel Buds Pro in without music so I can get the silent environment I need to concentrate.”

After he’s done studying, Baglee likes to take walks around the campus and listen to his favorite music. It’s a good way to unwind after a long day, but he also needs to be alert to his environment. “I might run into friends or need to cross the road, so I don’t want to be completely unaware of my surroundings,” Baglee says. 

With Transparency mode, Baglee can hear what’s going on around him, even while his music is playing. It’s easy to activate using the controls on the earbuds – just touch and hold to toggle between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode. 

Sensory sensitivities

For people who live in cities and struggle to process sensory information, being able to control how much noise gets filtered is particularly important. David Yarde, a brand strategist from Orlando, Florida, is on the autism spectrum and gets overwhelmed in situations with an abundance of auditory stimulation. 

“When I go to the grocery store, I hear everything from the freezer door opening and the sound of the refrigerator to the shopping cart wheels and the buzzing of the lights,” says Yarde.

Pixel Buds Pro have become his go-to strategy for dealing with his sound sensitivities. At the store, he relies on Active Noise Cancellation to tune out loud noises. And when he’s at a networking event where he’s meeting new people, Yarde will turn on Transparency mode and play familiar music in the background. That helps him focus on the conversation and feel comfortable in his environment. 

“I’ve come to rely on my Pixel Buds to help manage my stress,” Yarde says. 

The next time you’re navigating a big city, make sure you have Pixel Buds Pro to help you tune in to what you like – and block out anything you don’t.

Research shows that noise isn’t just a nuisance – it’s also a health riskActive Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal™ uses a custom processor, algorithms, and speakers to minimize the sound around youSensors in Pixel Buds Pro actively measure the pressure in your ear canal so the earbuds can relieve it and stay comfortable
Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.
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  1. All listening times are approximate and were measured using music playback with pre-production hardware and software, with fully charged Pixel Buds Pro and case, and other features disabled (including active noise cancellation). Case is used to recharge Pixel Buds Pro. Charging times are approximate. Use of other features will decrease battery life. Battery life depends on device, features enabled, usage, environment and many other factors. Actual battery life may be lower.

  2. Noise Guidelines for the European Region, World Health Organization.

  3. Volume EQ requires an Android 6.0 or newer device. To prevent possible hearing damage, avoid listening at high volume for prolonged periods of time.