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Tips to save even more with your Nest thermostat.
Smart thermostats keep your home comfortable and help you save on energy.

Nest thermostats can help keep your home at just the right temperature while also saving energy and lowering your bills over time.1

Make sure you’re saving the most by keeping a few things in mind:

1Ensure you have a thermostat schedule

Nest thermostats make it simple to set a schedule that runs your HVAC more efficiently while keeping you comfortable. They can do things like lower the temperature while you’re asleep at night (which is especially beneficial for energy costs in the winter) and turn it up when you’re about to come home. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns your preferences and automatically creates a schedule based on your routine, while the Nest Thermostat comes with Quick Schedule, which can be easily customized in the Google Home app.2

2Set up Home & Away Routines

When you step out or go on vacation, Nest thermostats can make sure you don’t heat or cool an empty home. If you enable Home & Away Routines in the app, your thermostat can use sensors, other connected devices in your home, and your phone’s location to determine whether you’re away. It will automatically switch to your preferred energy-saving temperature – Eco temperatures – while everyone is gone, and return to a more comfortable temperature when someone comes home.

3Follow the Nest Leaf

Want to know if the temperature you’ve set is the most energy efficient? Look for the Nest Leaf icon, which appears on your thermostat and in the app to indicate when your thermostat is set to an energy-saving temperature. In the beginning, it will appear based on set temperatures, but as it learns your habits, the Leaf will appear when it knows your usage is at its most efficient levels. 

4Try an easy few degrees change to your schedule

Features like the Savings Finder on the Nest Thermostat and Seasonal Savings on both the Nest Thermostat and Nest Learning Thermostat look for small changes in your schedule and make suggestions aimed at making your energy usage more efficient. These adjustments are subtle, so you might not even notice them, but you’ll save more energy over time. Just accept these suggestions with a tap on your thermostat or in the app.

Shop thermostats
Nest thermostats keep you cozy, help save energy, and fit into your home.
5Tweak your settings

If you have a heat pump, try changing your Heat Pump Balance settings to “Max Savings.” Your heat pump may take longer to reach your desired temperature, but that’s because it’s trying to minimize the amount of AUX heat. And if you don’t prefer this setting, you can always set it back to “Balanced.” If you use an HVAC fan schedule, try reducing the amount of time your fan runs. Most HVAC fans are not efficient and lowering fan runtime can help reduce energy use. 

Even more ways to get the most out of your Nest thermostat:

  • Enroll in Energy Rush Hours. Energy Rush Hours are like traffic rush hours. Just as traffic clogs up roads when everyone drives to work at the same time, Energy Rush Hours occur when everyone in a particular area runs their air conditioning or heating simultaneously. With Rush Hour Rewards, you can earn rewards for saving energy during peak demand periods while staying comfortable. When enrolled, your Nest thermostat will automatically adjust temperatures before and during a Rush Hour to reduce energy use and lower energy grid costs. And if you ever get too cold or hot, you can simply manually override the temperature on your thermostat. 

  • Check for eligible energy rebates. Rebates make getting a Nest thermostat an even better value.3 Your energy provider may provide rebates or rewards for purchasing a Nest thermostat. Check energy rebates and rewards to see what programs you may be eligible for.

Make sure your Nest thermostat has a scheduleSavings Finder, Seasonal Savings, and other features can help you save over timeAdjust your settings to ensure that you can save when no one is home
Shop thermostats
Nest thermostats keep you cozy, help save energy, and fit into your home.
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  1. Independent studies conducted in the US showed that Nest thermostats saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling. Individual savings are not guaranteed. Learn more at

  2. Remote control and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi.

  3. Rebates and rewards may be available. View offers here: