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Pixel phone design - how Pixel designers make the call.
How the Google team behind Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet is creating new kinds of devices.

When you think about devices you use every day, your phone is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Your phone should be as stylish as you are, a device that reflects your personality and feels good in your hand. Above all, it should work flawlessly. 

That’s just what the Google Pixel design team discussed when they began thinking about the newest phone designs. “We wanted to make devices that feel soft and approachable, like they’re a part of your life,” says Brian Cutter, an industrial designer who leads the Colour, Material and Finish team for Pixel. That means they have a look you want to show off, and they’re easy enough to take anywhere.

To make the Pixel 7a – Google’s most durable A-Series phone yet – both beautiful and built to last, Cutter and the Pixel design team brought a balance of playfulness and performance. Beautiful design at a smart price

When it came to thinking about the latest in Pixel’s A-series, Pixel 7a, the goal was to design something both beautiful and built to last. To achieve this combination, Cutter and the Pixel team brought a balance of playfulness and performance. They used premium materials like aluminium on the buttons and a glossy recycled plastic for the enclosure, similar to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.1

“The overall theme here was playful simplicity,” says Cutter. For colour, the team opted for a springtime palette in four colours: Charcoal, Sea, Snow and the Google Store exclusive colour Coral. To find the perfect hue, Cutter looked to items from the real world, as with Sea, which was inspired by ice and Arctic glaciers. “We chose these primary colours that look bright from a distance but up close have depth to them,” Cutter says.

Pixel 8a
Colorful. Powerful. AI-full.
Unfolding a new kind of device

Pixel phones are made to be helpful and easy to use, so simplicity runs through all designs. That’s why Pixel Fold looks and acts a lot like other Pixel phones when it’s closed. But when you open it up, you’ll find that Google’s first-ever foldable phone is anything but ordinary. With luxury materials and a signature design engineered with features like split-screen multitasking, Pixel Fold offers an unmatched immersive experience.

It all hinges on the hinge, according to Cutter, the most durable hinge on any foldable phone. 2 It’s so important that the Pixel design team decided to create the Fold around it. “A lot of other phones try to blend the hinge into the device, but we wanted it to stand out,” he says. With Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ on the outer screen and an IPX8 rating for water resistance, the Pixel Fold is built to last.2 It’s all wrapped up in a slim body with a perfect weight distribution, so it fits perfectly in your pocket or in your hand, making it the thinnest foldable of all.3

A tablet that’s made to be used

Google designs its products with an eye on how people use them every day. Since tablets spend most of the day at home, the Google Pixel Tablet comes with a Charging Speaker Dock that makes it more helpful in your home. When it’s locked and docked, the tablet goes into Hub Mode, which lets you control your other smart home devices hands-free.4 You can also get some of the best features of a smart display, like a digital photo frame, smart home controls, and hands-free help from Google.1

Just say “Hey Google” to play music and videos, get answers, turn the lights on, set timers, and more.5 Its enclosure was designed with a nano-ceramic coating that makes it both durable and grippable. And the three beautiful colours give the Pixel Tablet an elegant look. 

“It’s not just a practical thing,” says Cutter. “The dock gives the tablet a home, and makes it more helpful at home.”

Good phone and tablet design makes you want to show off your device, not hide it away. Whether it’s the inviting new colours on Pixel 7a, the innovative design of Pixel Fold or the revolutionary Pixel Tablet and dock, the best devices are the ones that look as good as they work.

For a balance of playfulness and performance on the Pixel 7a, the team used premium materials in fresh new colours like Coral, a Google Store exclusiveCorning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ on the outer screen and an IPX8 water resistance rating make Pixel Fold one of the most durable foldable mobile phone designs on the marketWhen it’s locked and docked, Pixel Tablet goes into Hub Mode, which lets you control your smart home devices hands-free
Pixel 8a
Colourful. Powerful. Full of AI.
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  1. These recycled materials are at least 21% of product based on weight.

  2. Among foldable phones in markets where Pixel Fold is sold. Based on durability testing conducted by Google LLC. Testing includes folding and 1 meter tumble/drop tests using competitor and pre-production Pixel Fold phones. Pixel Fold is not drop proof.

  3. Among foldable phones in markets where Pixel Fold is sold. Measurement does not include camera bump.

  4. Home control features require compatible smart devices (sold separately).

  5. Subscriptions may be required.

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