Coming in 2023: The new Google Pixel Tablet.
Bringing the best of Android and Pixel together in a tablet.

Meet the new Google Pixel Tablet. It’s helpful all the time, in your hands and in your home.

The Pixel Tablet is designed with premium materials and finishes, as well as smooth, rounded corners that make it an unmistakable part of the Pixel family. With its gorgeous display, you can enjoy your favorite shows, apps, video calls, and more on a larger screen.  

And just as our Pixel phones have always been the best and purest expression of Android, the Pixel Tablet is the best way to experience Android on a large screen. 

Like your Pixel phone, the Pixel Tablet has Material You, so you can completely personalize it with a custom color palette and new color variants based on your wallpaper and lock screens. Just like your Pixel 7 and Google Pixel Watch, your tablet can be the truest representation of you.

The Pixel Tablet brings the power of Tensor G2 to an all-new form factor for the first time. With Tensor G2’s advanced image processing and machine learning, all your favorite Pixel phone features, like video calling, photo editing, and hands-free help with Google Assistant, will work seamlessly on the Pixel Tablet. 

As we began designing the Pixel Tablet, we set out to understand how people use their tablets, and what they love and don’t love about them. And it turns out tablets are homebodies: they’re at home most of the time, but only useful for a small portion of the day. The rest of the time, tablets feel out of place in our homes. Hidden away in a drawer, misplaced, presenting a tripping hazard, or just out of battery.   

So we set out to build something better.  

With the Pixel Tablet, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from years of making Pixel and products for the home and combining it into one great device. It reimagines how a tablet can actually be helpful all the time in your home by pairing with a new Charging Speaker Dock. 

The dock keeps your device charged, makes your tablet helpful 24/7, and unlocks a whole new set of experiences in the home. 

The enhanced audio from the speaker lets you enjoy your favorite show or have an impromptu dance party. When your Pixel Tablet is docked, you can enjoy hands-free help from the Assistant or a photo frame of your memories.  

The Pixel Tablet also gives you easy control of all your smart home devices, so you can turn the lights off in the house, and set the thermostat to the perfect sleep temperature without getting out of bed.  

We took special care to tune the dock’s magnets so you can easily dock or undock your Pixel Tablet. And when it’s in your hand, the premium nanoceramic finish is both beautiful and comfortable to hold.

The Pixel Tablet is designed to seamlessly transition from a delightful part of your home to an entertainment device you can take anywhere – making it one of the most versatile and adaptable tablets ever. 

Combine these features with the dock’s beautiful design, and you’ll want to have the Pixel Tablet in the heart of your home. It transforms your tablet from something that sits in your drawer to an integral part of your life. 

We can’t wait to share more with you when the Pixel Tablet is available next year.

The Pixel Tablet is made to be helpful in your hands and your homeThe Pixel Tablet and the charging dock bring some of the best features from a smart display to a tabletIt will be available to purchase in 2023
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