So many reasons to make the switch to Pixel.
With Pixel phones, you get stunning photos. All your favorite Google apps are built in. And Google AI can help you do more, effortlessly.
Bring everything with you.
Carry over contacts, photos, videos, texts (including WhatsApp messages and iMessages®), apps, music, iCloud® and Google calendars, voicemail, notes, and more. You can also sync browser data across devices on Chrome.
Switch in a few easy steps.
All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or a cable. We’ll even provide a USB-A to USB-C Quick Switch adapter (compatible with iPhone cables) and guide you through each step. Get more help 24/7 at
Use your Galaxy Watch, AirPods, and even FaceTime.
Listen to music with AirPods,® use Galaxy® and Garmin® watches, join a friend’s FaceTime, and text on your Mac with Google Messages. Connect to new and existing devices, so you have more options, without feeling trapped.
Protect your personal data.
Google’s Titan M2 chip is tested against some of the same guidelines trusted for identity, SIM cards, and bank card security chips. Pixel’s VPN by Google One adds free protection no matter the app or browser.
Shop Pixel phones on the Google Store.
Transform your photos and videos, in the blink of AI.
Change the background and move subjects with Magic Editor.
With Pixel, edit and enhance any image in Google Photos, so you can reimagine your photos, right on your phone.
Everyone looks great in group photos with Best Take.
Did someone blink or look away? Pixel combines similar photos into one fantastic pic where everyone looks amazing.
Make photobombers go poof with Magic Eraser.
Pixel can get rid of distractions in photos with just a few taps. Use Google Photos to remove objects and people in the background, or change the color and brightness so they blend in.
Fix blurry photos from any phone with Photo Unblur.

Add clarity and details to picture-imperfect moments with just a tap, even for photos taken on your old iPhone or Galaxy.

Shot on iPhone 11. #FixedOnPixel

Photo submitted by @Pharaohrcm

Audio Magic Eraser removes unwanted noise in videos.
Google AI reduces disruptive noises like cars and wind, and highlights the sounds you want.