Smart Light Starter Package

Smart Light Starter Package

Smart Light Starter Package

Smart Light Starter Package

Nest Mini + C by GE Tunable C-Sleep Smart Bulb 2‑Pack

Kick start your connected home with our lighting package, featuring the Nest Mini and two GE tunable white bulbs. Use your voice to control lights, adjust the warmth and dim or brighten instantly. Set routines, like when you say “Hey Google, let’s go to work” to turn off bedroom lights and turn on your desk light.

Customize this package:

Nest Mini

It’s the small speaker with big sound.

C by GE Tunable C-Sleep Smart Bulb 2-Pack

Create the perfect white light.

Recommended add-ons

GE Plug - Control additional devices

Turn ordinary lamps and appliances into smart devices with enhanced functionality like out of home control, voice control and scheduling.

C by GE Full Color Smart Bulb

Add an additional bulb to your package and enhance your homes vibe with vivid colors. Choose from millions of colors, set schedules and create scenes for movie night or bedtime.

Control your lights with your voice and get going easily.

“Hey Google, turn on the lights."
Simply turn on or dim the lights with your voice.
Perfect for early mornings, instant ambience or whenever your hands are full.
Woman sits in bed looking at Nest Mini on side table.

Set the mood with
just your voice.

Hands-free help and ambience.

Turn on, off, dim or brighten lights all with your voice. Plus, get all the helpfulness of Google Assistant to ask questions, play music and more.

Personalized routines.

For whatever your mood or goal, create routines with your favorite music and the right lighting so things are just the way you like it every time.

Simple setup.

Connect your home in a flash. Plug in your Nest Mini and GE lights and finish set-up in minutes via the Google Home App.

Make your home even more helpful.
Nest Mini contains Google Assistant, which expands what your connected home can do. Discover more compatible smart lights, plus locks, easy-to-use security cameras and more.
A mom and her son walk out the door with Nest Mini on nearby table.