Building products
for the planet.
And for everyone.
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Our approach
There are three ways we cultivate sustainability.
From product design to manufacturing and across our supply chains, we are working to address our environmental and social impact at every step.
Create products, services, and processes that reuse materials and reduce our impact on the environment.
Supply Chain
Collaborate with suppliers to create a safer, fairer and more equitable supply chain.
Make products that put people first and expand access to their benefits.
“Designers are problem solvers. And sustainability is the biggest problem for our generation to solve.”
– Ivy Ross, Head of Design for all Google hardware products
Powdered natural and recycled materials on a table with Pixel devices
Powdered natural and recycled materials on a table with Pixel devices
Design choices
Lower-impact materials and longer-lasting products.
We’re designing processes that eliminate waste and pollution. While providing better support to give our products a longer life so they don’t have to be replaced often.
Give materials a second life.
Of all plastic waste in the world – amounting to billions of metric tons – only a fraction is recycled. That’s why we’re partnering with our suppliers to develop safe, durable, and high-quality recycled plastic while cutting down usage of non‑recycled plastic.
Portfolio-wide commitment
All Made by Google products launched since 2020 are built with recycled materials.