Android 6.0 Marshmallow. S’more to love.

Spot-on answers with Now on Tap

Find out more about the band you’re listening to. Just tap and hold your home button to pull up Now cards with all the answers, like when they’re going on tour.

Smart shortcuts

Say a friend texts to ask if you want to meet for lunch at a new restaurant. Now on Tap provides shortcuts straight to your apps for restaurant reviews, making reservations, and it’ll even set a reminder for the date.

More control over your apps

Android 6.0 Marshmallow's new app permissions let you decide what to share with your apps and when.¹ Turn these permission requests on or off at anytime.

A battery that works smarter

Android 6.0’s battery-smart features help your device save power for when you really need it, like ringing your morning alarm even if you forgot to charge your phone. Seldom used apps go into App Standby to conserve battery, and Doze automatically puts a resting device into a sleep mode.

Touch to unlock

Your fingerprint unlocks your phone and your apps with just one touch on supported devices.

Available on tablets, smartphones, TVs, and watches, Android gives you new ways to customize your devices and use them together.

You have options

One design does not fit all. With Android, you can choose from a range of phones, tablets, TVs, and watches, and find a style, price, and brand that works for you.

Make it yours

Choose from thousands of apps, put your favorites on your home screen, and organize them by category. Adjust every aspect of your phone to make it as unique as you are.

Here, there, and everywhere

Got more than one Android device? Start watching a movie on one, pick up where you left off on another. Entertainment, photos, and even recent searches are automatically available through your apps² on any Android-powered screen you use.

Google & Android: Better together

Android brings together the latest OS technology and Google apps to give you a seamless experience — whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or any other Android screen.

Just say the words

Use your voice to get things done. Say “Ok Google” to ask a question, send a text, set a reminder, get directions, or whatever you need in that moment.

It’s all here

Sign in with your Google Account, and your apps, settings, contacts, photos, and more are all there, right where you left them.

¹Not all apps support runtime permissions.

²Available on supported apps.