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Feature Drops
Pixel gets new features. So you don’t have to keep getting a new phone.

Unlike other smartphones, Pixel is built to last because it’s designed to be updated. New features are sent to your phone every few months – for the camera, battery, and more – without taking lots of space, and before other Android devices get them.1

Refined craftsmanship.
Recycled aluminum finish
Water and dust resistance²
Tough Gorilla Glass
Proves its worth with every call.
Call Assist filters spam and finds out why people are calling you.

Google Assistant detects and filters out spam calls. It also finds out who’s calling from an unknown number and why – so you can decide whether to pick up.7

Clear Calling helps you hear when it’s noisy on their end.

Pixel can filter out your caller’s background noise and enhance their voice, so you can easily have a conversation.8

Direct My Call shows you menu options right away.

Pixel shows the best times to call a business, waits on hold for you, and displays menu options – just tap the department you want instead of listening to prompts.9

An amazing smartphone camera. For less.

When you switch to a Pixel, you get a camera that just knows what to do, so you can focus on the moment. Pixel even fixes photos taken with older phones, including iPhones and other Android devices.6

Personalized help when and where you need it.

Pixel is powered by Google Tensor G2, the chip behind helpful features that make your day a little easier and safer. Apps launch fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly.

Chat face to face in different languages.

With Live Translate, chat in 48 languages in real time, and translate menus with your camera.3

Get help automatically during an emergency.

With the Personal Safety app, Pixel can automatically detect if you’ve been in a car crash, call for help, share your location, and record video.45

For you and the planet.

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are made with recycled aluminum, glass, and plastic, and their packaging uses materials that are 99% plastic-free.10

It works well with Pixel devices. And others, too.

Listen to music with AirPods®, use GALAXY® and Garmin® watches, and connect to other devices you already own.11 So you have way more options, without ever feeling trapped.

Shop special offers on the Google Store.

Find great deals on phones, earbuds, accessories, and more. You can also get credit by trading in your current device – even if it’s from another brand.  

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  1. See for details on when your Pixel is eligible to receive Feature Drops. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary.

  2. Designed to comply with dust and water protection rating IP68 under IEC standard 60529 when each device leaves the factory but the device is not water or dust proof. The accessories are not water or dust resistant. Water resistance and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and will diminish or be lost over time due to normal wear and tear, device repair, disassembly or damage. Dropping your device may result in loss of water/dust resistance. Liquid damage voids the warranty. See for details.

  3. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. Translation may not be instantaneous. See for more information.

  4. Not available in all languages or countries. Car crash detection may not detect all accidents. High-impact activities may trigger calls to emergency services. This feature is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. For country and language availability and more information see

  5. Automatic video recording is only available on Pixel 7 series and newer Pixel phones.

  6. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements. Photo Unblur available only on Pixel 7 or newer Pixel phones.

  7. US only. English only. Call Assist may not detect all robocalls and spam calls.

  8. May not work on all VOIP calls. Call quality depends on environment, carrier network conditions, and many other factors. Actual results may vary. Available only on Pixel 7 or newer phones.

  9. Not available in all countries or languages. Toll-free numbers only. May not work on all business calls or detect every on-hold scenario.

  10. Based on U.S. retail packaging weight with adhesive materials excluded. These recycled materials are over 19% of product based on weight.

  11. AirPods® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. GALAXY® is a trademark of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Garmin® is a trademark of Garmin Ltd.