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Keep tabs on your home with Google Pixel Tablet.
With Google Pixel smart home tablet in its Charging Speaker Dock, it’s easy to keep an eye on the front door, adjust your home temperature and ask Google Assistant for hands-free help.

You may love every single device in your home, but it’s tough keeping track of them all – until now.

The new smart home tablet from Google gives you an easy way to view all your smart home devices, so you can control them throughout the day for whatever you need to do.1 When you set your locked tablet on its charging dock, it enters Hub Mode. Then you can access the home panel and get hands-free help from Google Assistant. And when everything is set the way you want it, the Pixel Tablet can display your personal photos like a photo frame.

Any home device that is managed in the Google Home app can be controlled from the home panel in Hub Mode or with your voice using Google Assistant.1,2 Get ready in the morning with Google Pixel Tablet’s help, bring it to work or the coffee shop, and when you return home, set it in its dock to serve as a central home automation tablet for all your entertainment and smart home controls.

If you’re feeling chilly as breakfast is bubbling in the kitchen, tap Pixel Tablet in hub mode to turn up the heat.1Get a jumpstart on the day

Studies show that a daily morning routine can help you feel more productive and energised throughout your day. With a routine set up in the Home app, use your voice to ask Google Assistant on the Pixel Tablet to get it started.2 Google Assistant will wake you up and turn on the lights even before you roll out of bed. Connect lights to bring up a gentle hue, and play a news report as you start your day.3 Want to see if you need a jacket for your morning run? Ask Google Assistant for the weather report as you lace up your running shoes.

Pixel Tablet
Help in your hand. And at home.

When you return home, keep listening to your favourite playlist or podcast.3 You can easily move any track from your Google Pixel phone to your Pixel Tablet with Nearby Share and fill your room with sound from the dock’s enhanced speaker.3,4 Plus, Pixel Tablet can manage any smart home device connected to your Google Home ecosystem. So if you’re feeling chilly as breakfast is bubbling in the kitchen, ask Pixel Tablet to turn up the heat.1,2 Keeping that morning mojo is simple when you have your home assistant tablet there to help – all you have to do is ask.

Create a fun night in

A night at home with family can bring everyone together for a chance to reconnect and unwind. Put Google Pixel Tablet in hub mode and use its smart home control panel to create a fun and entertaining environment. When weekend plans call for a film night, tap the tablet’s home screen to launch a routine that closes the shades, dims the lights and turns on your TV.

Expecting a late package? A ringing doorbell doesn’t have to interrupt the evening’s activities. With Pixel Tablet docked, quickly and easily check your Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam right from the main screen. A delivery can be safely left at your door, as you settle in with popcorn, your kids and a favourite snack.5

Design a dinner party

A dinner party with friends is a chance to celebrate the end of the week. Try out a new recipe to surprise guests by searching, then playing a cooking video on your Pixel Tablet. 

The home assistant tablet’s built-in camera means you can check in with friends about the evening’s plans. Pixel Tablet adjusts the lighting for any environment and keeps you centred in the frame, even as you move around the kitchen and put the finishing touches on the starter.

The Pixel Tablet can also help you create a warm and inviting setting for your guests. Put it in Hub Mode to display pictures of your friends and family. Ask Google Assistant to get some good vibes going with some music.3

Plan ahead by setting up a welcoming routine on the Google Home app – turn on the lights outside so friends can find your door, and dim the lights inside for a cosy evening. 

With your Pixel Tablet to help manage the details of your day, you can focus on what matters – like spending time with the people in your life. 

On its dock, put your Pixel Tablet in hub mode to manage all of your connected devicesTake Pixel Tablet with you to the coffee shop – or curl up with it on the sofa at homeSee who’s at the front door with a quick check of Nest Doorbell, accessed through the home screen on Pixel Tablet1
Pixel Tablet
Help in your hand. And at home.
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  1. Home control features require compatible smart devices (sold separately).

  2. Requires Google Home app.

  3. Subscriptions may be required.

  4. Requires compatible phones running on Android 6.0 or newer or Chromebooks running on Chrome OS 91 or newer. 

  5. Nest package delivery feature requires compatible Nest doorbell (sold separately) and the Google Home app.

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