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Become a top creator with Magic Editor for photos.
Photo and video editing AI tools on Pixel phones will help your content stand out on social media.

Content creators only have a few seconds to connect with their followers, so their photos and videos need to have maximum impact. Hello, Magic Editor for photos.

Using her Google Pixel, TikToker Ana Paola (@anapaowow) has developed an audience of more than 165,000 followers by filming snapshots of her life in New York City. She wants to create content that resonates with her target audience, so it’s important that everything is edited perfectly using AI video editing and audio editing tools. “On TikTok, the videos that have gone viral are usually ones where I’m telling a personal story,” Paola says. “The video clips I use are short, entertaining, and feature scenes around NYC.”

Whether you’re a creator like Paola or just looking to make your content stand out, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro make it even easier to create pro-level videos and photos on your phone. Magic Editor will give users an AI photo editor tool that delivers pro-level edits. You can even remove specific parts of photos to make your content sparkle, something many other smartphone editors can’t do.

Even if the video looks great, low-quality audio can mess up a clip.
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
Advanced edits, all on your phone

Adjusting video and audio used to be a difficult process that involved uploading content to your computer and using specialised software. Pixel makes it easier by using AI to do the hard work, letting you make complex edits on your phone with just a few taps.

When he was in high school, Josh Gray taught himself how to edit videos by watching tutorials on YouTube. Today he has a TikTok channel (@joshuathomasgray) with more than 144,000 followers where he posts clips about the diverse lives of average people around the world. “I’m not that interested in the technical aspects of editing,” Gray says. “I just want it to get out of the way of my creative flow.”

With Video Boost on Pixel 8 Pro, he’ll be able to fix shaky or dark videos right on his phone.2 Using cutting-edge video processing technology, Pixel automatically adjusts things like colour stabilisation, and lighting to improve the quality of clips. That way you can get professional-grade video from everyday moments.

Keep background noise in the background

Even if the video looks great, low-quality audio can mess up a clip. Unwanted intrusions from construction or pedestrians – not to mention noise from traffic – can distract from the focus of the video. Paola says that she loves the sounds of New York, but when she’s filming around the city, street noise is her biggest obstacle.

“I find myself having to mute most videos and overlay a voiceover and a song to make the video more entertaining,” Paola says.  

Audio Magic Eraser, a new audio editing tool, will make it even easier for Paola to record her escapades in the city.3 Using Google AI, Pixel separates audio into distinct streams and identifies background noise. Then it mixes them together to enhance the sounds that you want to hear. 

Better photos from the best camera

Paola doesn’t just take videos of her life – she also photographs her activities and friends using Pixel’s best-in-class camera. And just like with her TikToks, the city tends to get in the way of good photos. “Inevitably, there’s either a pigeon, trash, or dirty sidewalk that is better off removed,” Paola says. 

Like Paola, Nic van der Coelen’s (@nictures) creative approach to photography used to involve lots of post-processing to get his desired effect. “In the past, I used to take multiple photos with a tripod, so I could later edit one image with another and ‘erase’ the people,” van der Coelen says. Since switching to Pixel, he’s started using Magic Eraser to fix the photos shared with his 1.2 million followers.4

With Magic Editor for photos, it’s even easier to transform these pictures into masterpieces, while keeping the most important parts.1 The AI image editor helps you reimagine how you edit by generating new content with just a few taps. If you have a great photo of a friend but the sky was overcast, just select the area in Magic Editor and AI can make it brighter and less cloudy. You can even re-compose your photos by relocating and changing the scale of your subject.

Pixel’s camera captures any moment beautifully, and its extraordinary photos and videos are about to get even better. Whether you’re trying to become the next TikTok sensation or just want to make that perfect moment sparkle a bit more, Pixel’s new content creator tools can help make your vision a reality.

Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. Requires Google Photos app.

  2. Coming soon. Requires Google Photos app.

  3. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all audio elements.

  4. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.

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