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Everything you need to know about Google Store credit.
Earn Google Store credit to spend however you like.

Google Store credit is yours to use however you like. You can earn it by making the most of seasonal offers or swapping your old phone for a new Pixel. It’s easy to collect and even easier to spend – learn more about using store credit to get your latest Google gadget.

What is Google Store credit?

Google Store credit is your personal stash of cash to spend online in the Google Store. It's available to use however you like, whether that's splashing out on a shiny new Pixel Watch 2 or upgrading to Pixel Buds Pro to make your favourite albums sound even sweeter.

You can earn Google Store credit by making the most of special promotions or trading in your old smartphone. Either way, your credit will remain safe in your account until you're ready to purchase your next piece of tech. 

To keep things simple, your balance will automatically appear in your go-to currency. That means £100 is £100 – no mental maths or points conversions necessary. 

Earn Google Store credit with promotions

Alongside the Google Store sales and discounts you already know and love, we also offer deals that include store credit specials. 

What's even more satisfying than getting your hands on that device you've been eyeing up for months? Getting rewarded for the purchase when you buy it through select promotions. Fill your cart, checkout as usual, and your store credit will show up in your account once the return window1 closes on special promotion items.

You won't need to keep checking in on your balance, either – when we've issued the credit, we'll send you an email to let you know it's yours to spend. Once you've drawn up your wish list and are ready to shop again, you'll find your credit in the Google Pay account associated with your purchase.

Trade in your old phone for Google Store credit

Another nifty way to earn Google Store credit is to trade in your old smartphone. Our pre-paid labels make it easy to send us your device and swap it for a brand-new Pixel. If the refund for your trade-in exceeds the cost of your new Pixel, we'll give you the excess value as Store Credit. Credit rewarded from trade-ins doesn't expire, so you can hold on to it for as long as you like while you mull over what to invest in next.

When the store credit comes through, you'll be able to use it on any Google Store products. Why not enhance the experience of using your phone with crystal-clear sound? Pixel Buds A-Series or Pixel Buds Pro are ideal accompaniments to your new tech.

Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.
Check your Google Store credit balance

Now you know what it is, you might wonder whether you've got any Google Store credit kicking about in your account. Here's how to get started with store credit online or check in on how much you have left once you get spending:

  1. Navigate to your Google Store settings

  2. Under the section called 'Google Store credit', you'll see your existing balance. 

  3. If you see a button that says 'Set up' instead, click through and follow the instructions. 

How to use Google Store credit online

Use Google Store credit just like you'd use cash – in any way you like. Within Google Store, you can spend credit on anything you fancy, from Pixel phones to watches, earbuds, chargers, and accessories. 

When you've taken your pick, go to checkout and don't forget to mark the box indicating you'd like to "Use your Google Store credit". If you have enough credit to cover the whole order, you're in luck, and the amount will be deducted from your balance. If your total goes over the balance of your credit, you can use any other available payment method to cover the remaining amount.

If you're not sure what to spend your credit on, consider investing in wearables like the Pixel Watch 2 to help you meet your health goals. With six months of Fitbit Premium2 and one month of YouTube Music Premium3 included in your  purchase, it's an option that'll make good use of your store credit. 

Need more time to compare smartwatches or weigh up your earbud options before committing to your next purchase? No problem. Your store credit is useable for up to a year on promotion-earned credit and for as long as you like on trade-in credit. 

Google Store credit is yours to spend however you like at the Google StoreGet Google Store credit through available promotions or by trading in your old smartphoneThis Black Friday, you'll earn £100 in Google Store credit when you purchase Pixel 84 or Pixel 8 Pro5
Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.
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  1. Most Google Store purchases can be returned within 15 calendar days after the day of receipt. See more details about Google Store's return policy

  2. With eligible device purchase. New and returning Premium members only. Must activate membership within 60 days of device activation. Valid form of payment required. £7.99/month after expiration of 6-month membership. Cancel anytime. Membership cannot be gifted. Content and features may change. See Fitbit terms for more details. 

  3. Available to new users only (users with no past trial of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red or Google Play Music). Requires valid form of payment. Unless cancelled before trial expiration, subscription will be billed at £10.99/month. Cancel anytime. No refunds for partial billing periods. Cannot be combined with other offers. See YouTube Premium Restrictions for full terms.

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