Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery)

Know more.
Outside or in.
The battery-powered security camera with smarts.
Get alerts for what matters.
Nest Cam can even tell the difference between a person and a vehicle, so you can set the alerts that you want.
Indoors or outdoors,
rain or shine.
The battery-powered Nest Cam works anywhere you need it, from the living room to the garden
Take action in
an instant.
If something happens, you can respond to alerts directly from the Google Home app.
Fits your home.
Accessories, including a stand and weatherproof cable, help Nest Cam to fit your space.
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Get alerts for what matters.
Who's in the garden? Has the newspaper arrived yet? With 24/7 live view and with three hours of event video history without a paid subscription, Nest Cam helps you to look after your home.
More relevant alerts.
See clearly.
Go back in time.
More relevant alerts.
Nest Cam has built-in intelligence to send you alerts for people, animals and vehicles. Select an area that you want to check on around or in your home, such as your driveway or living room, and then customise which alerts you’ll receive.
See clearly.
HDR and night vision help with bright, high-contrast sunlight, and give you a better image even in low light and darkness. Day or night, you can easily tell when someone is on your property.
Go back in time.
If you miss a notification, you can still see what happened with three hours of event video history without a subscription. And you can add a Nest Aware paid subscription to get up to 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history.
Intelligent alerts delivered right to your phone.1
Person seen
Animal seen
Vehicle seen
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Indoors or outdoors,
rain or shine.
Nest Cam is battery powered, which means installation is as easy as hanging a picture frame. Get one Nest Cam or a few to put inside or outside, anywhere you want to check in from.
Snap it into place. Anywhere.
Battery-powered installation is easy. You can put Nest Cam almost anywhere that you want, outside or in. And as it’s battery-powered, you don’t need to install it near an electrical socket.
Built for all conditions.
Nest Cam is battery-powered and weather resistant, and you can recharge it at any time.
Compatible with most homes.
Nest Cam is designed to go anywhere. Plus, you can add an optional stand (sold separately) for an easy indoor placement.
Shown with optional stand