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Learn how Google products can make things a little easier. Our partner, OnTech Smart Services,
will come over to give you personalized advice. Now available in select cities.

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Just moved into a new place? Want to keep an eye on the kids? An OnTech Smart Home Advisor will tailor the chat to your goals or just show you what’s possible.

Family and Pets

Check on your dog in the backyard, know when kids get home and just worry less.

New Home

Whether you just moved or renovated, get help making your new home work the way you want it to.

Safety and Security

Get peace of mind and protect your home with connected cameras, locks, smoke detectors and more.

Home Automation

Connect Nest devices with compatible lights, and more to control your home without lifting a finger.

Wi-Fi Check-up

OnTech will test the network strength and speed around your home, and show you how to make it better.

Something Else?

Get help with specific goals or let us inspire you with what’s possible with a connected home.

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