Chromecast Audio

Stream it loud.
Say hello to Chromecast Audio.
Stream tunes from your device to your speakers.

Chromecast Audio plugs into your speakers so that you can stream music from your device over Wi-Fi.¹ Use your iPhone®, iPad® android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptops or Chromebook.²

Higher-quality sound.

Listen to music how it was meant to be heard. Chromecast Audio supports lossless high-resolution audio, which is even better than CD-quality sound.

Stream without the hassle of pairing.

Tap the Cast button from music apps to instantly start playing on your speakers. Search, play, pause and more right from your device² — anywhere in the house.

Listen to your music, any time.

Enjoy songs from music services like Google Play Music and more.³ We’re constantly adding new apps, so that there’s no end to the music, radio stations and podcasts that you can enjoy.

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Make your speakers smart(er).

Chromecast Audio is an affordable way to stream the music you love on your existing speakers.¹

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