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How Pixel Buds Pro Volume EQ makes listening to music more immersive.
Whether you need earbuds for gym, home, or office use, Pixel Buds Pro’s sound and snug fit are now even better.

David Andrade is no stranger to noise. But he might hear more meows than human voices.

Andrade relies on his Pixel Buds Pro's Volume EQ and noise cancelling features to block out external sounds so he can stay focused and productive while working from home with his spouse, school-aged daughter, and four beloved cats. As an IT solutions provider, he is often in video meetings all day, frequently switching between his phone and computer with little time to charge his devices.2 Andrade appreciates that his earbuds automatically switch to whichever device he’s using, and that he can wear them all day, every day, thanks to their 11-hour battery and comfortable fit.

“I love the fit and really love using Active Noise Control,” he says. “It can get loud when my family is home, and I need to block out the background noises – it gets a little crazy around here with the kids and the cats.”

Active Noise Control with Silent Seal™ is powered by a custom processor, custom algorithms, and custom speakers to maximise the amount of noise cancelled, giving him a quiet workspace.

How to use Pixel Buds Pro hands-free at home

For Greg Baas, one of the standout Pixel Buds Pro features is the ability to control them hands-free when he’s doing household chores. He pops the earbuds in and uses voice commands to pause or play music, adjust the volume, respond to texts, and more.3 Using his voice means he doesn’t have to worry about touching his face or phone when his hands are dirty. As he adjusts the volume up and down, Pixel Buds Pro Volume EQ adjusts the tuning so that highs, mids, and lows consistently sound balanced at any level.1

“It gets me more motivated to clean,” he says.

When out mowing the lawn, ANC lets him listen to his music and podcasts so clearly that he once had to mow it twice. “I was so immersed in the episode, I didn’t even realise the blades of the mower stopped from getting caught on a bump in the lawn,” he says. “That tells you the Pixel Buds Pro are really good.”

And when he wants or needs to hear outside sounds, Pixel Buds Pro Transparency mode enables him to do so while he listens to his favourite music.

David Andrade It can get loud when my family is home, and I need to block out the background noises – it gets a little crazy around here with the kids and the cats.Earbuds for gym-goers

Workout warriors also rely on Pixel Buds Pro’s secure fit – they fit snuggly in the ears without making them feel plugged up. Thanks to better weight distribution, mouldable earbuds, and sensors that actively measure and relieve the pressure in your ear, they stay comfortable once you’ve got the right fit, even during high-impact workouts.

Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.

That’s good news for James Coloso, who starts his gym session listening to upbeat hip-hop to motivate himself while pushing through a run on the treadmill or a ride on the stationary bike, before transitioning to smooth, calm R&B to lift light weights.

Coloso says being able to block out noise and other distractions with Active Noise Control is key to a successful workout because it helps focus on the beats that anchor his breathing and movements. “I’m able to stay focused on my music and my workout,” he says. “I use the Pixel Buds Pro on a daily basis.”

James Coloso, Greg Baas, and David Andrade are Pixel Superfans, Google’s community for people who love Pixel products. Superfans gain access to private events, exclusive Q&As with product and engineering teams, limited-edition merchandise, and other surprise perks. Interested in becoming a Superfan? Click here.

Active Noise Control (ANC) blocks outside noise so you can focus on the task at handVolume EQ adjusts the tuning so that highs, mids, and lows consistently sound balanced at any level1Better weight distribution, mouldable earbuds, and sensors relieve pressure and help the buds remain comfortable for longer periods of time
Pixel Buds Pro
How premium sounds.
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  1. Volume EQ requires an Android 6.0 or newer device. To prevent possible hearing damage, avoid listening at high volume for prolonged periods of time.

  2. Devices must have been previously paired with Pixel Buds Pro.

  3. Requires a Google Assistant-enabled Android 6.0 or newer device, Google Account, and an internet connection. Data rates may apply. Translation not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information.

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