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Your Google Pixel devices have even more ways to keep you safe.
With upgraded safety features and location sharing in Pixel’s new Feature Drop, your Google Pixel is looking out for you.

Whether you’re walking alone late at night, driving to a place you’ve never been, or in any other uncomfortable position, your Google Pixel can help keep you safe.

That’s because Pixel Feature Drops in June take Pixel’s safety features to a new level. Updates to your Personal Safety app use Google AI to check in with you and get help if you need it. Pixel users don’t have to do a thing to enjoy these new benefits, because they’re part of the new Pixel features that are automatically loaded to devices.

The latest Feature Drop takes Pixel’s safety features to a new level.Quickly reach out for help when you need it

It all starts with safety check, which is how Pixel makes sure you’re okay. Set up a Pixel safety check yourself, or ask Google Assistant to help. Either way, start by determining how long your safety check should last, like the time it takes to walk home from the station. You’ll also choose a set of emergency contacts to alert should you need help. 

Once the safety check time elapses, your phone will send an alert that asks you to check in. If you’re okay, you’ll let your phone know. If you need help, you’ll respond that you either want to begin Emergency Sharing – automatically sending your live location to your Google Pixel emergency contacts – or have your phone call 999

If you don’t respond to the safety check alarm after 60 seconds, your phone will automatically begin Emergency Sharing: your emergency contacts will receive a text message with a link to track your location via Google Maps

You can also manually trigger Emergency Sharing or call 999 at any time during a safety check.

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Added safety while you’re on the road

Pixel car crash detection can now keep loved ones in the loop if you’ve been in a severe crash, in addition to contacting emergency services. The upgraded feature notifies your emergency contacts that you’ve been in an accident, and shares your real-time location with them thanks to Google’s Emergency Location Service, which uses Google's AI-driven network to locate the user. It can also notify emergency contacts when you make a phone call or emergency call, including when you start and end the call. 

Pixel car crash detection relies on Pixel’s Activity Recognition, which uses AI to determine that you’re in a car – whether you’re driving yourself or in a taxi or ride-share. But it won’t activate if you’re on a rollercoaster or bike, or even if you toss your phone onto your couch.

Here’s what else is new

March’s Feature Drop saw Fall Detection, faster Night Sight, and Magic Eraser load to more Pixel devices. And in addition to providing more peace of mind with upgraded safety features, Pixel’s Feature Drop in June also includes: 

  • Nighttime oxygen saturation (SpO2) tracking on your Pixel Watch to help you identify deviations in your blood oxygen levels while you sleep.  

  • Home panel on Pixel phones or tablet for quick access to your smart home controls, so you can turn off lights, adjust the temperature, see your cameras, and more. 

  • Macro video on Pixel 7 Pro to capture the tiniest details with Macro Focus.

  • Cinematic wallpapers that transform your 2D photos through the power of Google AI into dynamic 3D scenes.

  • Live emoji wallpaper that you can create using your favourite emojis for a background that’s as unique as you are, with the new Emoji Workshop. 

Wherever life takes you, Pixel has your back. 

The upgraded safety features in Pixel’s new Feature Drop help you stay safe and connectedPixel devices keep getting better over time with Feature Drops – automatic software updates that send new and upgraded features to your phone, earbuds, and watch1The upgraded safety features use Google AI to check in with you and get help if you need it
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  1. Your Pixel will generally receive Feature Drops during the applicable Android update and support periods for the phone. See for details. Availability of some Feature Drops may vary. Phone, earbuds, and watch sold separately.

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