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Your Google Pixel devices are getting better over time with Pixel Feature Drops.
Your Pixel phone, watch, and earbuds are constantly improving. Here’s how.

When your phone starts to put on mileage, your excitement about the device you once loved so much may begin to wane. 

But what if your device got better with time? 

When you own a Google Pixel phone, watch, or earbuds, your devices stay fresh and current, thanks to Pixel Feature Drops that arrive every few months. Feature Drops are software updates with new capabilities that improve your devices, helping them do more and work better together. They load in the background, delivering new tools to make your life easier, or bringing the latest security measures onboard to keep your data and activity safe.

Updates make your device more helpful, whether it’s calling emergency services for you or improving ways to take pictures of the night sky with your phone. 

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Go about your day while your phone stays up to date

The best part of Feature Drops is that you don’t have to think about them, so you can go about your business, confident that updates will load automatically. Every few months, new features and capabilities will arrive, such as VPN by Google One, which dropped to phones in December 2022. 

After an upgrade to Direct My Call dropped to their phones in March 2023, more Pixel users got help finding the right extension faster when calling a business. And all Pixel users can now remove unwanted objects from their photos with Magic Eraser1 which also loaded automatically that month.

Comfortably add another Pixel device

It’s not just phones that get Feature Drops. Pixel Watches and Pixel Buds get them, too. 

Thanks to the latest Pixel Watch Feature Drop, users no longer have to worry about what happens if they fall and get hurt when they’re alone. With Fall Detection, your Pixel Watch automatically calls emergency services if you fall and don’t move or respond after one minute.2, This feature is designed for hard falls, not small trips or stumbles, so you won’t get a notification and your location won’t be shared if, say, you just stub your toe. But if you can’t get help on your own, Pixel Watch has you covered.

And if you want to feel like you’re at the centre of the action when watching your favourite films and shows or listening to tunes, the latest Pixel Buds Pro Feature Drop added spatial audio with head tracking. When you’re watching an action flick, spatial audio with head tracking recreates cinema surround-sound to help you stay focused and entertained. It makes audio richer and adds depth, as if you’re immersed in sound.

Peace of mind with devices made to last 

This is what Pixel owners love most about their devices – they’re getting better all the time.

Pixel devices stay fresh and current thanks to automatic Pixel Feature Drops that arrive every few monthsUpdates bring new and upgraded features to make Pixel even better than before so you don’t have to keep getting new devices.New features load onto your device in the background while you go about your day
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  1. May not work on all image elements.

  2. Fall detection is not available in all countries and is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors. Your watch may not be reliable for emergency communications. Fall detection may not detect all falls. To call emergency services on a Google Pixel Watch without 4G LTE, your paired phone needs to be nearby. See for more details.