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Meet your new translator phone, the Pixel 7.
Talking to anyone in another language is suddenly easier with Pixel’s Live Translate feature. Here’s how it’s helping us communicate better.

Yasat Hoeun lives in the US, and his extended family lives in France. He likes to stay close to them and keep in touch – but there’s a challenge:

“Their English is as good as my French – which is non-existent,” he says. Additional members of the family only speak Khmer, adding to the language complexities. Apps and manual translations have filled the gap for years, but Live Translate on Google’s Pixel 7 phones has changed everything, offering you real time phone call translation. It automatically translates messages as they arrive on his phone, no separate app needed.1 This makes the Pixel 7 a translator phone! 

“It’s life-changing for me,” Hoeun says. “We can text without having to switch in and out of different apps… and translate in no time.”

Even if you don’t have family in another country, our global world means you may find yourself needing to speak across languages. Pixel Live Translate can be activated to enable you to do this easily in real time. 

Creating a smaller, more connected world 

Live Translate on Pixel 7 phones makes real-time translation possible – not just text-based language but also spoken words, interpreting live audio from one speaker to another – with no app needed.1 And thanks to Google Tensor, the new processor made by Google, it puts state-of-the-art speech recognition and language translation in your pocket so it can run on-device rather than through a network and server – no internet connection required.

On Pixel 7 phones, Live Translate works across text, camera, videos, podcasts, phone calls, video calls, and audio messages. That means you can read text in another language by pointing the camera at a sign or a menu, or watch a video that isn’t in your native tongue with Live Caption.

Translate a phone call

In interpreter mode, things get even more fun. Pixel 7 turns your spoken words into audio in another language, and turns the responses in that other language into audio in your original language, so both sides understand each other. This means real time phone call translation. Pixel Buds make things even more seamless, as translated audio is piped into your ears – which means less multi-language crosstalk going on in the room.2

Yasat Hoeun It’s life-changing for me. Pixel Live Translate means that we can text without having to switch in and out of different apps… and translate in no time.
Pixel 7
Simply powerful. Super helpful.
Making it easier to communicate

Pixel Live Translate has improved communication with tenants for Stacie Clymo, who works as a leasing and resident manager at an apartment and townhouse community, and whose primary language is English. “Our residents are often from outside the US and some do not speak English fluently,” she says. Clymo likes to be able to get to know the people living in the community, but she doesn’t speak any of their languages. Live Translate streamlines her work and lets her talk freely with just about everyone. “Once I got my Pixel 7 Pro, I started using Live Translate,” she says. “My residents tell me the translation is spot on.” Whether she’s making a phone call, or chatting face to face or over text, she says that the translator phone has now made dialogue“much easier and more personable.”

Yasat Hoeun and Stacie Clymo are official Pixel Superfans, Google's community for people who love Pixel products. Superfans gain access to private events, exclusive Q&As with Product and Engineering teams, limited edition merchandise, and other surprise perks. Interested in becoming a Superfan? Click here.

Understand and communicate in languages other than your ownGoogle Live Translate translates phone calls automatically – no need to open an app or enter textEven home organising expert Marie Kondo has used it: “The language barrier is getting smaller now”
Pixel 7
Simply powerful. Super helpful.
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  1. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information.

  2. Requires a Google Assistant-enabled Android 6.0 or newer device, Google Account, and an internet Internet connection. Data rates may apply. Translation is not instantaneous. Transcribe Mode translates from English to Spanish, German, French, and Italian. The audio you record in Transcribe Mode will be transmitted to Google for processing. Google may retain the transcription of your conversation for a limited period of time to help improve Google Translate. Please obtain consent from people around you before using this feature. For available languages and minimum requirements go to

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