A guide to customising your Google Pixel Watch.
Choose a watch face and a band (or two) that fit your life and style.

The Google Pixel Watch is made to reflect you and what’s important to you.

So there are plenty of ways to customise your watch to fit your life. Google Pixel Watch bands come in seven styles – from Active and Stretch to Crafted Leather – in a variety of colours and materials. And since they’re easy to swap out, you don’t have to choose just one. You can also pick a watch face that best suits you. 

“From the very beginning, we saw this great opportunity to create something that truly feels like just a part of your life, not another piece of technology,” says Isabelle Olsson, Senior Director, Design for Wearables, Nest, and CMF (Colour, Material, and Finish) across Google hardware. Olsson led the team that designed the Google Pixel Watch. 

The watch band serves another important purpose: to make sure your Google Pixel Watch is getting accurate health readings .1 It’s part of what makes the bands more than a design statement. This was a key consideration for Google’s designers. “Our main inspiration was to design for the context that our products live in,” says Olsson. “And in this particular case, the context is your body. And everybody’s bodies are different. And everybody’s preferences are different.”

Here’s a closer look at how you can make your Google Pixel Watch your own. 

Google Pixel Watch
The first smartwatch with all of Google and Fitbit.
Isabelle Olsson, Google’s Senior Director, Design for Wearables, Nest, and CMF across Google Hardware “Since [the bands] go on your body, they have to be durable, they have to be comfortable, and they have to fit into your everyday life.”Active band

Super durable and adaptable, the Active band , which comes with every watch, is made of waterproof fluoroelastomer with a soft-touch coating so it’s both durable and comfortable. It’s available in five shades: Obsidian, Charcoal, Chalk, Hazel, and Lemongrass.2

Goes well with: The Google Pixel Watch’s modern Analog watch face is minimal yet chic, but if you want to see more stats right from your watch face, there are options with a digital clock, heart rate, step count, current weather, and more.1

Stretch band 

“Why can’t a watch be as comfortable as a pair of sneakers?” asks Olsson. The Stretch band – in Linen, Rose, or Obsidian2 – is soft and comfortable, and made from recycled materials.3 “It really stretches and fits your life,” Olsson says. Quite literally. When the band is expanded, it offers a glimpse of another colour, highlighting the texture. And this one is only available from the Google Store.

Goes well with: The large numbers of the Big Time watch face are bold yet refined and easy to see at a glance. The colours bring out the two tones in the bands, too.

Woven band

Lightweight, thin, and breathable, the Woven band is a good everyday choice. Made from three shades of yarn,4 the Woven band is a mix of colours that pop and is available in three colours: Coral, Lemongrass, and Ivy.2 “It was inspired by the world of apparel,” says Olsson. And while most bands have holes to adjust the size, the Woven band has a custom-designed clasp that slides, fitting precisely to your wrist. 

Goes well with: The Vista watch face has both the time and a landscape illustration, giving you a moment of calm anytime you need it. The colours also coordinate with the colours in the band.

Leather bands 

Perhaps the most classic option, the Crafted Leather band is made of Italian leather with fine stitching. The Two-Tone Leather option adds further dimension, in Chalk, Charcoal, and Linen, with tonal colours on the straps.2

Goes well with: For those who love typography, there’s the Prime watch face, which spells out the time in the signature Google Sans font. If you like to see more info, go with the Dial face, which has the option to show the date, step count,1 and weather, in addition to an analog clock to tell the time.

Metal bands (Coming in spring 2023) 

For more of a modern jewellery look, the Metal Mesh band is made of flexible stainless steel and comes in Matte Black, Champagne Gold, and Polished Silver.5 The magnetic clasp is easy to adjust, so you get exactly the right fit. Another option, the Metal Links band , has soft curves and classic lines in Brushed Silver or Matte Black.5 Easily add or remove links yourself to get the right fit – no professionals needed. 

Goes well with: Two options work well here. Classic has an analog clock plus the date and weather in a design that references more traditional watches. Concentric has more of a technical look, with a digital time and rows of numbers common on diving watches.

More thoughts on color

Each band comes in a choice of colours, and many were designed to coordinate with the larger Pixel Collection. For example, when you pop your Lemongrass Pixel Buds Pro into your ears, your Lemongrass band picks up on that colour. And the shades were tested on different skin tones to make sure they flatter everyone. 

“We want to always have something on the warm side, something on the cool side, something on the neutral side, something dark neutral, and then some combinations in between,” says Olsson.

And there’s no need to commit to just one. Google Pixel Watch bands are easy to swap out, so you can switch it up for different occasions or seasons, or whenever you want a style refresh. 

“This year, you might be all about Limoncello and greens, then next year you lean into darker colours,” suggests Olsson. “The bands give you an opportunity to change things up.”

Google Pixel Watch bands come in seven different styles – from Active and Stretch to Crafted Leather – and a variety of colours and materialsYou can match the style and colour of your phone (and even your earbuds) or pick something entirely differentYou can also coordinate your watch face and colour to complete the look
Google Pixel Watch
The first smartwatch with all of Google and Fitbit.
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Note: Google Pixel Watch requires an Android 8.0 or newer phone, Google Account, and internet access. See g.co/pixelwatch/help for more information.

  1. Some features may require Fitbit account and mobile app.  

  2. Band and case options may vary by region and retailer. Accessory bands sold separately.

  3. Polyester and spandex yarn for Stretch band are made with 100% recycled plastic, excluding dyes and additives.

  4. Yarn for Woven band is made with 100% recycled plastic, excluding dyes and additives.  Recycled yarn is at least 90% of textile based on weight.

  5. Coming in spring 2023.