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Photos with Google AI. Only on Pixel.

Exclusive camera features, faster updates, and built-in Google security. You’re going to love Android on Pixel.

“A true flagship in the smartphone world.”MKBHD Switch phones to Pixel 8: “Smartphone of the Year.”
“#1 Most Innovative Company in Consumer Electronics” “The best Android smartphone.”

(about Pixel 8)

Edit. Enhance. Erase. In the blink of AI.
Group pics. Perfected.

Did someone blink or look away? Pixel’s Best Take combines similar photos into one fantastic picture where everyone looks their best.1

Reimagine photos in a few taps.

Use Magic Editor in Google Photos to add custom edits and studio-quality enhancements to any photo.2 Change the background, move a subject, and more. 

Make distractions go poof.

With the help of Google AI, the Pixel Camera makes it easy to remove objects and people from your photos, and unwanted noise from your videos.3

Fix blurry photos, just like that.

With just a few taps, Photo Unblur can remove blur and visual noise in your pictures – even old photos and ones taken with a different phone.3

Brilliant photos, dusk to dawn.

The Pixel Camera uses Night Sight to create vibrant photos of everything from city lights to starry skies.

Make the switch to Pixel.

Pixel 8 Pro The best of Google. Even more pro. Pixel 8 Powerful in every way. Helpful every day. Pixel 8a Colorful. Powerful. AI-full. Pixel Fold Power and innovation. Folded into one.
  1. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all images.

  2. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Requires Google Photos app.

  3. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements. Audio Magic Eraser available on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.