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Exclusive Pixel Superfans wallpapers

Made by Googlers just for you.

Designed by Selma Durand

San Francisco fog meets Google’s vibrant and optimistic colors. Selma crafted this special wallpaper to celebrate her own city as well as Google’s 25th birthday in a joyful burst of colors. It’s made entirely from physical materials such as paper cutouts and translucent plastic films.

As a member of the Google Design Studio, Selma loves to create distinguished designs from early sketches all the way to the final product. 

Designed by YoungWoo Choi

This wallpaper was designed using the commemorative numerals of Google’s 25th birthday. As a designer who makes physical products, YoungWoo imagined a sculpture that could actually be touched and played with in the wallpaper. He hopes that the fairy-tale scene created by cartoon people in a minimalist space will be a short, pleasant moment evoking a playful feeling.

YoungWoo is part of the Google Design Studio. He pursues minimalist design and loves to create small conceptual details. 

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