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Sports fans, make sure Pixel is on your team at the game.
From a better camera to translation tools, Google Pixel makes it easy to create treasured memories at your favorite events.

Wins and losses can be equally unforgettable, but what makes the game special is the journey – and who you spend it with.

Fandom brings people together, creating communities and, inevitably, memories you’ll want to hold onto. You’re not just rooting for a team. In many cases you’re rooting for who you are and where you come from. 

Google Pixel knows how important it is to capture memories from the court to the pitch. That’s why we built Google Pixel to do the work for you. It makes sure every photo you take at the game is great, whether you’re in the stands with friends and family or on the sidelines. While Pixel is the official fan phone of the NBA, even the players are taking advantage: Milwaukee Bucks power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo used his Pixel to take pictures of his teammates in action during the 2022 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Pixel celebrates fandom and enables you to capture your favorite memories.

For some fans, personal expression goes beyond wearing a favorite team’s jersey to applying sports logos to fingernails. Macro Mode helps you share the smallest details of the decals decorating the tips of your fingers, using Pixel’s ultrawide lens to get up close.

Focus on shots and goals

Google Pixel have key features that let you get closer to the action and cut out distractions. Super Res Zoom lets you get high-quality closeups of the play even if you’re in the nosebleed seats by doubling the magnification of Pixel 7 Pro’s lenses.1 Magic Eraser lets you remove unwanted objects (or, ahem, people) from your photos in just a few taps.2 So if photobombers get in the way, you still get the photo.

And since sports are global, you may find yourself at a match among fans speaking a different language. Live Translate can help break down barriers so you can still celebrate – or talk trash – together.3

A phone for fans that feels like it’s for the pros

Robert Warren loves hockey because there are so many moments “you may never see again.” So he’s ready at games with his Pixel 6 Pro, which lets him record those moments and relive them again and again.

One of those memories was player Pekke Rinne’s final game with the NHL’s Nashville Predators in 2021. As Rinne skated on the ice under a spotlight, Warren, a Pixel Superfan, captured a closeup of the poignant moment using Super Res Zoom. It helps you frame the action by zooming up to 20x on Pixel 6 Pro and 30x on Pixel 7 Pro.1

When Warren remembers hockey games, he thinks about his favorite moments on the ice – not the crowd in the background. Magic Eraser lets him take photos that look more like those memories.2 In just a few taps, Warren can remove the crowd from the picture, helping him center the action.

Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
Show your fandom in any conditions, at any distance

Sports fans know harsh, uneven lighting at night games can make it difficult to get good photos. Pixel 7 Pro, with its large sensor and Night Sight mode, compensates for this and lets you zoom in on the action and take sharp photos, even when the scene is dimly lit.

Night Sight works by using Google’s custom-built Tensor processor to detect motion before you take a photo, helping to reduce blur and create vibrant photos without using flash. Even better, it turns on automatically in low-light conditions, so you’ll always get the best pictures. Warren used it at a recent evening game for his home team, the Nashville Soccer Club. Night Sight made Warren’s photos of the game brighter, and even improved their color. He used Super Res Zoom to get even closer to the action. This feature takes multiple pictures and merges them into one to get sharp images of faraway details – like a rare goal in a close soccer match.

It can also be a challenge to get clear pictures when players are on the move. If players’ faces are blurry, Face Unblur can help. Using machine learning, Face Unblur automatically sharpens blurry faces, letting you save players’ reactions just like you remember them. And with Pixel 7, you can unblur any part of a photo, even if you took it with another camera.4

Watch Pixel in action — and recording the action.

Warren’s sports photos are poised to get even better. He just got a Pixel 7 Pro and is already making plans to take it to games. “I do love my sports,” he says. “And I can’t wait to put the updated camera to use!”

Robert Warren is a Pixel Superfan, part of Google’s community for people who love Pixel products. Superfans gain access to private events, exclusive Q&As with product and engineering teams, limited-edition merchandise, and other surprise perks. Interested in joining the community? Learn more about becoming a Superfan.

Sports fans can preserve magical moments with Google PixelPixel’s Super Res Zoom allows anyone to get high-quality closeups of their favorite players on the field, even from up in the nosebleeds1Live Translate can help break down barriers so you can still celebrate – or talk trash – together
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. Not available for all camera apps or modes.

  2. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.

  3. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.

  4. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all photos or videos with faces.