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Join the most passionate Pixel owners — and learn a thing or two.
Pixel Superfans meet and mingle online and at live events, where they discover even more about the devices they love.

Since joining the community last year, Tekhira Francis has gone to several in-person events where she got to mingle with fellow Superfans.

Especially exciting was the invitation she and other Pixel Superfans received to attend the launch of Google Pixel. The Superfans who attended were also among the first to handle the new devices. “The in-person exclusive events were amazing and it was so nice to get to meet Google staff and other Superfans in person,” Francis says.

The Pixel Superfan community is a group of passionate Pixel users who want to share their love of all things Pixel with others. Superfans get access to special invite-only events, surprise perks from Google, and a private discussion group. It all adds up to a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people who are passionate and enthusiastic about Pixel.

Francis says the most helpful part of being a Pixel Superfan is access to Google Pixel product team Q&As. During these sessions, she’s been able to share her questions and give feedback to Google staffers responsible for designing new Pixel phone features. In fact, some suggestions from Superfans have appeared in subsequent generations of the phone.

And it doesn’t hurt that Francis has also gotten some great limited-edition Pixel gear. “The Pixel swag is super cool,” Francis admits. She’s usually repping Pixel in some way, whether it’s wearing Pixel socks or rocking an exclusive tote bag. 

Tekhira Francis, Superfan “The in-person exclusive events were amazing and it was so nice to get to meet Google staff and other Superfans in person.
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Inside tips and tricks

Stephen Duke, a committed Google Pixel user, is always ready to talk about the latest phone, earbuds, or watch. He’s owned every edition since the Pixel XL came out in 2016, as well as Pixel Buds and a host of other Google products. In 2020, he joined the Superfans community and began connecting with other tech enthusiasts who shared his passion for Pixel – such as photographers who shared tricks for capturing better images, and chefs who talked about how their Pixels help them in the kitchen. 

At exclusive live and virtual events, Duke had a chance to talk more with other fans, learn about Pixel’s less-known features, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how the device was designed. These were “people I could geek out with over Pixel hardware or software,” says Duke.

A sense of belonging

For Mike Wallach, being a Superfan is a way to show off how much he loves his Pixel devices. Wallach – whose friends call him Wally – says the dedicated group helps him feel like he belongs. “It’s important to have this community,” Wallach says. 

Through the Superfans group, Wallach bonded with other members by watching Google events, like the annual Google I/O. And he especially likes the giveaways and discounts that Google offers exclusively for Superfans. These experiences help him feel like his support is being rewarded, and like he shares something with other fans. “The giveaways help us feel appreciated,” Wallach says.

Helpful peers and experts

Of course, being a Superfan is not just about bragging rights. Members of the community know they can count on each other to help out when they have a question, or just want to chat about the latest Pixel-related news. Francis says she spends a lot of time hanging around the community, trying to learn about new features and sharing her wisdom with others. 

By talking with other Superfans, Wallach has learned new tricks for getting the most from his Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel Watch, as well as which accessories work best with his devices. He’s also optimized his setup by subscribing to Google One – a plan that gives you more storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos – and to YouTube TV. None of this would be possible if he hadn’t been able to connect with other people in the community. “Knowledge is empowering, and sharing it is better,” Wallach says.

Superfans have helped Duke troubleshoot tech issues and find out about new Google Pixel Feature Drops, automatic software updates that send new features, tricks, and apps right to your phone. “We’re here to help each other out and share tips and tricks that get us excited,” Duke says. “I like to think Superfans have each other’s backs.”

Interested in joining the community? Learn more about becoming a Superfan.

Tekhira Francis, Stephen Duke, and Mike Wallach are members of Pixel Superfans, Google’s community for people who love Pixel products. Superfans gain access to private events, exclusive Q&As with product and engineering teams, limited-edition merchandise, and other surprise perks.

Pixel Superfans are a community who are passionate about Pixel and Google technologyMembers gain access to private Q&A's with Google teams, special events, limited edition merchandise, and moreThe community is full of members who love sharing knowledge and helping each other find the best ways to get the most out of their devices
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The best of Google. Even more pro.
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