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Explore the world with Google Pixel in your pocket.
No matter where you go in the world, Pixel makes traveling alone easier and more adventurous.

Wendy Cardona travels solo around the US for work – and around the world for pleasure.

A travel blogger and traveling operating room nurse, Cardona says setting out on her own fosters a good relationship with the person who matters most in her life: herself. “Traveling alone helps me feel independent, confident, and in touch with my intuition,” she says.

As a Spanish speaker, she feels comfortable straying off the beaten path in Latin America, her go-to destination. Thanks to Live Translate on board and a solid signal with Google Fi Wireless, Cardona feels ready to navigate any situation with her Google Pixel, even when she’s in non-Spanish-speaking countries.3 “Safety is my #1 priority,” she says, and the Google Fi signal helps. “I’ve always had great reception internationally, venturing into towns. I feel safe knowing I can contact a friend or family member, or even emergency services in another language, if need be.”

As the world continues to reopen, more and more people are packing their bags and heading out of town – and often out of the country. Among today’s eager adventurers, many are going alone and seeking out foreign destinations. With Pixel’s reliable, long-life battery, excellent camera, and live translation, traveling by yourself can be easier, more adventurous, and a lot more fun.

Wendy Cardona, solo traveler Traveling alone helps me feel independent, confident, and in touch with my intuition. Stay out all day and never miss a great shot

Once you leave your hotel or hostel, you might wonder how much time you have until you need to find a power source. Pixel’s long battery life solves this issue – Pixel phones provide more than 24 hours of battery power, and even more in Extreme Battery Saver mode.1 On a recent visit to a Costa Rican rainforest, Cardona was out all day taking photos and even making phone calls, focusing on having a great time, not hunting for an outlet. 

“As a blogger, photos are so important,” she says. “My Pixel 7 takes great panoramic photos, and recording animals in motion is key.” When they’re moving too fast, she can sharpen the animals’ features later with Photo Unblur.4 The Pixel 7 Pro’s 5x telephoto lens allows her to zoom in on subjects, and Super Res Zoom lets her get up to 30x closer without compromising image quality.2 With videos, she enjoys using slow motion. “It’s able to give a softness to waterfalls, which I love,” she says.

Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
Talk to anyone, in any language

One of the biggest challenges on the road may be an unfamiliar language. When solo travel enthusiast Linton Atlas was trekking around the Peloponnese peninsula south of Athens, he found himself staring down a restaurant menu that was, literally, Greek to him. The Australian pulled out his Pixel and pointed the Google Lens app at the food options. Instantly, Live Translate displayed the items in his native English.3 

“I use Translate a lot. I’m a bit shy when it comes to asking people stuff, so I do everything I can to be independent,” Linton says. Live Translate helps him interact with the world in a way that once required hiring a translator, and Google Fi ensures he stays connected. 

Live Translate facilitates real-time conversations in English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, simplified and traditional Mandarin, Hindi, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Thai, and Turkish. And the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro give your wanderlust even freer rein by adding Danish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Romanian, Arabic, and Persian to the Live Translate languages.

Keeping fit in far-flung places

Michelle Paris, a healthcare professional in Austin, says traveling alone increases self-knowledge. “You get to figure out who you are, based on the choices you make. Am I someone who really goes to three museums a day?” One of her current choices is prioritizing health, and her smartwatch feels like a portable personal trainer on her wrist.  

On a recent trip to Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, she tracked her steps on her watch while hiking at 5:30 a.m. “I can also track my blood oxygen level and my heart rate, and during the day, it reminds me to take breaks to meditate. I like that it tracks all kinds of biometrics, like sleep hours,” she says.5

The Google Pixel Watch was engineered from the ground up with fitness in mind. Built with the best of Google and Fitbit, it’s the ideal exercise partner when you’re on the road, especially when paired with Pixel Buds Pro during a workout or your Pixel phone to dive deep into health stats. You also can check notifications on the go, send texts from your wrist, and find directions to that great restaurant you heard about from a local.

A reliable signal many places you go

Having your Pixel and Pixel Watch with you makes solo travel easier and more fun, and you can count on reliable coverage from Google Fi Wireless to keep them connected. On the Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans, you get automatic international coverage in 200+ countries and territories, with no advance setup required. All plans also come with hotspot tethering, so you can share your internet connection with up to 10 devices while on the go.6 That means you can stay connected even if the Wi-Fi goes out. 

Pixel helps give you the freedom to roam as far as you desire, whether you leave your work behind or not.

Pixel’s long battery life will power you through a whole day of adventure with no worries about finding a charge1Super Res Zoom lets you get up to 30x closer2 – and won’t compromise image qualityWith Live Translate, you can have real-time conversations in more than 20 languages3
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. For “over 24 hours”: Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of other features. Average battery life during testing was approximately 31 hours. Battery testing conducted on a major carrier network. For “Up to 72 hours”: Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of limited other features that are default in Extreme Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). Battery testing conducted on a major carrier network. For both claims: Battery testing conducted in California in mid 2022 on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that, for the “up to 72 hours” claim only, Extreme Battery Saver mode was enabled. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.

  2. Not available for all camera apps or modes. 

  3. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.

  4. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.

  5. Some features may require Fitbit account, mobile app and Fitbit Premium membership. Not intended for medical purposes. Consult your healthcare professional for questions about your health.

  6. Hotspot tethering counts towards your monthly data usage. On Simply Unlimited, you can use up to 5GB of hotspot tethering.