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The perfect phone for the whole family.
Google Pixel 8a puts controls, connection, and creativity out front, making it an ideal phone for the family.

From sports to salad dressing, our families tend to disagree on a lot, but there are some things we can all agree on – like Google Pixel 8a.  

This device has something for everyone. It’s affordable, takes incredible photos and videos, helps everyone stay connected, and through Family Link, can help keep your family safer online.

Easier family setup from the start

With an intuitive and user-friendly setup, Pixel 8a makes things easier for parents and provides an experience tailored to your kid’s needs.

Power up Pixel 8a, and you’ll be greeted with a screen asking who the setup is for. Sign in to your Google Account, and easily set digital ground rules for your child’s new phone. Once it’s ready, you can use Google’s Family Link app to manage privacy settings, establish screen time limits, and see where your child is with their device.

Kristi Bradford, Pixel product manager Right out of the box, Pixel 8a offers amazing tools for creativity, self-expression, and connecting with family.Keep the whole family connected 

Once you set up Pixel 8a for your kid, a new widget will install your contact details for them so they can reach you easily. Don’t have a Pixel? Your kid’s texts can reach everyone, even on family group texts. And with the Messages app, the whole family can send and see reactions and emoji from anyone who uses iMessages. They can even join FaceTime® calls from their Pixel when someone sends them a link. 1

Help your family stay safer online

Here’s one way to make parental controls easier: Download Family Link on your own phone to set screen time limits on Pixel 8a and even guide your kid to age-appropriate content. On YouTube, use Family Link to choose the right experience for your child – one that’s supervised or one that starts with YouTube Kids.

An ideal phone for families

Want a device that puts parental controls, connectivity, and creativity first? Try Google Pixel 8a.

An ideal phone for families

Want a device that puts parental controls, connectivity, and creativity first? Try Google Pixel 8a.

Stay connected on the go

Parents want peace of mind when their families are venturing out into the world, whether they’re at a sleepover or an ice skating rink. Family Link allows you to see your child’s location on a map when they have their device with them. The app also shows how much battery is left on your kid’s phone so you’ll know how long you’ll be able to reach them – and can remind them to charge up their device.

Powerful, durable, and affordable

If you have kids, you know that sometimes valuable things get dropped or dinged – that’s no small consideration when you’re thinking about what phone to buy. With Pixel 8a, you know you’re getting the most durable A-Series phone yet. You’re also getting many of Pixel’s best features – including a battery you can count on and a stunning, smooth-scrolling display – along with its advanced camera system, capturing moments the way you remember them.

Inspire creativity with Pixel 8a’s unique tools 

New wallpapers and custom cases offer more ways to express individuality. Plus, a new snapshot widget helps you photograph fun moments through the Pixel Camera. You can enjoy the freedom to add creative designs – from wallpapers to custom cases – to make the phone your own. As Pixel product manager Kristi Bradford puts it: “Right out of the box, Pixel has the best tools for self-expression, creativity, and connecting with family.”

A phone that gets even more helpful over time

Your family’s needs and interests may change over time, and Pixel keeps evolving, too. When you choose Pixel 8a, you’ll receive the latest OS and security updates for seven years, plus new and upgraded features every few months with Feature Drops.2

For parents, Pixel 8a brings peace of mind, and through Family Link it provides tools that respect families’ individual choices with technology, helping them create healthy, positive digital habits. That’s a win for the whole family.

With Pixel 8a, it’s easier to set up parental controls and set digital ground rules for your familyDownload Family Link to understand how your child is spending time on their device, share location, manage privacy settings, and find the right balance for your familyPixel 8a is durable and comes at a fantastic price – under $500
Pixel 8a
Colorful. Powerful. AI-full.
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  1. FaceTime is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

  2. Pixel 8a will receive updates for 7 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. See for details.