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Pixel 8 Pro is your very own temperature sensor.
Measure the temperature of any object on the go.

Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor is the latest Pixel feature designed to make life easier.1

With this unique contactless sensor, you can measure the temperature of objects anywhere, anytime, with just a few taps.2 The temperature sensor is a first for Google Pixel phones, and it’s one of the key differences separating Pixel 8 Pro from Pixel 8. Unlike that thermometer hiding in the back of a drawer at home, tracking it down won’t feel like searching for buried treasure. Your phone is nearby – now your temperature checker is, too. 

The best part? You can use it on the go. Whether you’re at work, enjoying some outdoor time, or on vacation, your Pixel 8 Pro measures temperature in just a few simple steps. Reheat your food to safe temperatures with confidence, or avoid burning your mouth on your morning coffee.

For parents, it means one less thing to pack when you’re feeding your child away from home. Just scan the formula or milk bottle with your phone, and you can see in an instant if it’s safe to drink – no thermometer sterilization necessary. 

How does Pixel 8 Pro measure temperature?

Situated right next to the camera, Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor is easy to spot and easy to use. It measures the infrared radiation emitted from the item and shows you a temperature reading. The sensor can take the heat up to 392°F or tell you when something is as cool as -4°F.

How to use Thermometer, the temperature checking app

To use the temperature measurement feature on your Pixel 8 Pro, just open the pre-installed Thermometer app. You can find it in the app drawer or by typing in the search bar. 

Open the app and tap “Object temperature.” Then, select the material of the object you’ll be measuring. 

Next, hold your phone about two inches away from the object and hit the “Tap to measure” button. You may need to go slightly closer for very small items. 

If there’s hot steam coming from your item, try to measure the area of the object not covered by it, or hold off taking the temperature until the steam clears. Think of it as a photo, and try not to let the steam block your image.

After a few seconds, the temperature will appear on the screen. And it’s as easy as that. 

8 ways to use Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature checker

Whether you want to make a room feel more cozy or show off your hosting skills with perfectly cooked culinary delights, here are some of the best ways to make the most out of your Pixel 8 Pro temperature sensor: 

  • Take your temperature, anytime: Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer app lets you take your temperature (or someone else’s) with a simple forehead scan, and save your results to your Fitbit profile.1

  • Safe baby-feeding: Feed young ones on the go by measuring the temperature of baby formula or milk. 

  • Help your pets feel comfy: Keep your pets comfortable, whether it’s in their everyday living space or while traveling. Staying warm makes vet trips ever-so-slightly easier to handle.

  • Acing your baking: Check the warmth of your oven to perfect your baking, or aim the sensor at your freshly baked goods to see if they’re cool enough to eat.

  • Regulate your workspace: Avoid shivering or overheating at your desk by measuring the temperature of your work environment so you can adjust accordingly.

  • Maximize shelf-life: Keep your groceries fresher for longer by checking for temperature variations in your fridge or freezer. 

  • Future-proof your products: Storing skincare and cosmetics too hot or too cold can damage the formulas. Keep your routine effective by monitoring the temperature of your perfumes, serums, and lotions. 

  • Keep your tech running: Check on your gadgets with Pixel 8 Pro. Detect rising temperatures so you can make sure your devices are safe and functional, even on the hottest day (or tightest deadline). 

There’s plenty of room for creativity on the Thermometer app, too. Investigate the conditions for the perfect ice cream scoop, crown the champion coffee maker, or just satisfy your long-held temperature curiosities (how hot is the sand on the beach?).

Watch how easy it is:

Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor makes it easy to take the temperature of objects around youThe temperature measurement app, Thermometer, is pre-installed on Pixel 8 ProThe feature is new for Pixel 8 Pro and a first for Google Pixel phones
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. Available only on Pixel 8 Pro in the US. See for available languages. Saving data to Fitbit requires Fitbit app.

  2. The accuracy of your temperature measurements may vary depending on the proximity to higher or lower limits of the temperature range, your material selection, the size of the object, and the difference in temperature between the sensor and the object.