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Why Superfans love their Pixel A-Series phones.
There’s a lot to love about Google Pixel 7a. Here’s why it stands out.

Sometimes the best phone for you has everything you need and nothing more. 

Pixel A-Series phones are built for users who want great performance at a great price, but may not need the full capability of a flagship phone. The new Google Pixel 7a has just the right balance of features and price with the same access to Google’s most helpful features that you get in Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. You may not need a pro-level triple rear camera system that allows you to zoom up to 30x – perhaps Pixel 7a’s zoom (up to 8x) is just right for you. 

Just like Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a is powered by Google Tensor G2 for fast performance. Pixel 7a also has many of the best camera features Pixel has to offer, including Photo Unblur,1 Magic Eraser,2 and Night Sight, as well as the highest-rated security features3 to keep you and your online activity protected. You’ll also have Google Assistant voice typing and Live Translate.4 And just like the flagship phones, your Pixel 7a will adapt to you, accommodating the different ways we use our phones. 

Some Pixel Superfans are so passionate about their A-Series phones that they wouldn’t buy anything else. We asked a few of them why they stick with the A-Series.

Kate Meiman, Superfan “I’m so glad that the incredible quality at this price point allows me to stay with the Pixel lineup.”What do you love most about your A-Series Google Pixel phone?

“For me, it boils down to affordability and features,” says Estanislado Danielle Castro, who has owned Pixel 3a, 4a, and now 6a phones. “I’m a mom, so although I’d love to have a high-end feature-loaded phone like the Pixel 7 Pro, my family’s needs will always come first. I’m loyal to my Google phones because they’ve proved to be reliable and I always feel like even with the A-Series, I get access to extra features. Features that as a mom, help me to stay on top of things with my family, help me to capture high-quality photos and videos of special moments, and features that make me feel connected to the world. The phones feel solid, they look great, and they’re reliable. And I love showing off the ‘G’ on the back of my phone and telling people why it’s such an awesome product!”

Why did you choose an A-Series?

For the Meiman household, the A-Series has become the family go-to phone. “I had the original Pixel and loved it,” says mom Kate Meiman. “Turned out that I loved my 4a as much as my first Pixel. It took gorgeous pictures, was the same familiar size, was quick. My husband then got the 5a because I never stopped talking about how great mine was, and then we were both evangelists for Pixel. It takes amazing photos of our kids, is quick and reliable, super easy to use, and it just works! No bloat, no lagging, no issues. We both upgraded to the 6a when it came out because the deal was so great, and we’re still loving our A-Series. I’m so glad that the incredible quality at this price point allows me to stay with the Pixel lineup.”

Pixel 8a
Colorful. Powerful. AI-full.
What makes your A-Series phone stand out from other Google Pixel phones?

“For me, the A-Series is all about how it fits in the pocket,” says outdoor enthusiast Warren Anderson. “I bought and tried the Pixel 4 XL when it came out thinking I would enjoy the bigger phone, but after a month, bought the 4a instead to go back to the smaller form factor I prefer. Climbing in and out of a lifted Jeep, the bigger phone would fall out of my pocket. I need my pockets for multiple things and don’t enjoy such a big phone taking up all that room. I don’t scroll all day so battery life is amazing. I don’t need the large screen in my pocket, and honestly the camera and all the other features are great. It’s really not a compromise on performance or functionality and fits my life.And, I can throw the Google Pixel Buds A-Series in the ears when heading out for a walk, and it’s a great package for everyday carry."

What do you use your phone for the most?

“The A-Series is convenient for myself as someone who loves the latest tech from Google but is on a tight budget due to grad school,” says student Tekhira Francis. “I use my 6a for everything from making calls to attending and recording work meetings, and of course taking photos. It’s honestly a powerhouse despite the lower price range. It’s also a plus that it’s smaller because I have such tiny hands.”

Pixel 7a has just the right balance of features and priceJust like Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a has Google’s most helpful featuresGoogle Pixel A-Series phones are built for users who want great performance, plus the value of Pixel software and hardware features from across the lineup
Pixel 8a
Colorful. Powerful. AI-full.
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  1. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.

  2. Maximum resolution and field of view with RAW image files setting turned on. Setting is turned off by default. See for more information.

  3. Based on third-party global research firm report. Evaluation considered features that may not be available in all countries. See for more information.

  4. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.