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Create picture-perfect memories on graduation day – or any day.
Google Pixel lets you sharpen blurry faces and remove photobombers from your favorite photos.

Special moments call for a special focus on the things that matter most.

When Joyce Dong accepted her diploma at Drexel University, her face was beaming with pride. A fashion major, she had tricked out her cap and gown with little touches from her senior project design collection.

“Graduation was special because I was able to celebrate in person with my friends,” she says, “and especially my family, who have always been extremely supportive.”

To honor the moment, she headed to Drexel Park, her favorite spot near school, to pose for photos.

“I wanted to capture this moment and enjoy the sunrise and quietness of the park,” Dong says. She handed her Google Pixel phone to her family to snap pictures of the day’s highlights. To keep the focus on Dong, people and pets who wandered into the image could be easily removed with Magic Eraser, which uses advanced AI to automatically identify certain distractions in your photos and delete them with just a few taps.1 See something else you want to remove? Just draw a circle around it using the Magic Eraser tool and Pixel will seamlessly fill in the space. That meant Dong could erase a pedestrian, a dog, or a telephone pole behind her, ensuring a perfect graduation memory.

“I love documenting my life and creative projects,” she says. “I’m able to reminisce about my experiences and see how I’ve grown.”

Joyce Dong I love documenting my life and creative projects [with Pixel]. I’m able to reminisce about my experiences and see how I’ve grown.
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Get the images you want, in clear view

Dong also had her Pixel in hand at the Drexel Fashion Show last spring when she showcased her senior project, a collection that used origami shapes and reflective fabrics. Photo Unblur1 on Google Pixel helped ensure that the details of her sleek, silvery designs could be seen clearly in her images of the professional runway models. Powered by the Google Tensor chip, Photo Unblur uses machine learning and facial recognition to sharpen photos and clarify facial features. So when a model’s face was blurry or Dong looked out of focus in a candid snap, Photo Unblur created the perfect image. Simply open the Photos app, tap a blurry photo, and click the Unblur feature. You can even fix photos taken years ago on other phones.

For Dong, those photos of her collection will last a lifetime, helping her preserve memories of the day – which included winning Drexel’s Fashion Future Award for designing a collection that demonstrated innovation and vision. 

Tap away photobombers

Like Dong, Diego Medina Nuño turned to his Pixel when he wanted to document an important milestone. He had just graduated from law school, becoming the first lawyer in his family. “I was able to share that special day with my family and cousins. They were very proud,” he says. 

To commemorate the moment, his best friend used a Pixel to take a picture of him en route to his graduation party. Magic Eraser kept the image focused on what’s important – Nuño in his navy suit and sunglasses, not photobombers in the background. And Photo Unblur kept the happy grad-in-motion sharp and clear. It was exactly what he wanted: “A photo that would be with me for the rest of my life.”

Watch how you can remove unwanted distractions.

Magic Eraser1 uses advanced AI to automatically identify and remove certain objects in your photosPhoto Unblur1 sharpens photos, clarifies facial features, and clears away unwanted distractionsGoogle Pixel phones take amazing photos to help commemorate special occasions, like graduation
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.