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This camera is not afraid of the dark.
Night Sight Video on Google Pixel 8 Pro puts your subjects in their best light.1

It’s Halloween night, and your little pumpkin literally crawls up steps in that orange bulbous costume to reach the front door of their first trick-or-treat house.

The high-pitched sound of their squeaky voice shouting “trick or treat” is almost as adorable as their shocked eyes when the candy bowl emerges from beyond the screen door.

This, you want to remember.

And with Night Sight Video on Google Pixel 8 Pro, you can get crisp video of the moment – even in low light.1 Just turn on the camera, go to Settings, turn on Video Boost, hit record, and you’re golden, capturing night video like never before.1 With Audio Magic Eraser, you can even isolate the sound of your toddler’s voice so it can be heard above the thumping music at the neighbor’s house.2

Focus on the creation, the art, and the sharing – not the camera. Google’s AI eliminates grain and streaks

In years past, getting sharp night video on your phone was always a big challenge, typically resulting in streaked clips, grainy faces, and jumbled shadows. In fact, that problem existed for night photos, too, because your hand would shake the camera or there would be movement in the image.

Pixel’s cutting-edge video processing and Google’s cloud AI capabilities help solve those problems, so you no longer have to worry about a shaky or imperfect video. Google Tensor G3 helps with on-device processing and denoising, which results in better low-light performance later in the cloud. And Video Boost brings together Google hardware, software, and infrastructure for powerful video post-processing. In the background, the video you record is saved in its original version on your device, while the file is also sent to the cloud for processing, where High Dynamic Range Plus software automatically adjusts exposure, stabilizes movement, and removes graininess. Depending on the length of the video, within a few minutes or a few hours, the original version on your Pixel is automatically replaced with studio-quality video. 

AI that redefines night photography, too

Google Pixel’s Night Sight enables anyone to take the kind of mind-blowing astrophotography pictures that historically were limited to professional photographers who relied on expensive equipment, long hours of shooting, and plenty of editing. Astrophotography in Night Sight captures crisp, beautiful star photos within just minutes. Just set your phone down on a steady surface, point it to the sky, click on Night Sight, press the shutter, and watch as the camera takes multiple 16-second long-exposure photos that are then merged together to create one captivating shot. No more blur and streaks. 

But the camera isn’t what you’re focused on. It’s the pictures and videos, the sharing, the art, and the creation. The options for great night videos are endless.

Capturing that phenomenal light show 

You love Fourth of July fireworks, but the video recordings on your phone have never been anything but flashes of blurry light and grainy footage of the people around you. Night Sight Video with Video Boost now changes the game for your summer holiday. Pixel zeros in on the colorful explosions so what you see on the footage clearly depicts what is actually happening in the sky – along with candid video of expressions on people’s faces and the sound of their voices distinguishable above both the crowd and fireworks. Speech enhancement uses machine learning that looks at who’s facing the camera and whether their lips are moving, and then matches it to their speech, tuning out everything else that doesn’t matter.  

Memorializing a soothing campfire song

Singing around the campfire is another moment that’s always been a challenge to record on your phone. The flickering flames show up bright and mesmerizing. But what about the shoulder-to-shoulder chorus and your cousin crushing it on the guitar? That’s one big smudge. Check that, was one big smudge – now Night Sight Video delivers a low-light video of everything without the blur or grain, while Audio Magic Eraser isolates the sounds you want to remember.

Catching fireflies

On a hot summer night, preserve the memory of those little lightning bugs and the moment they light up the inside of a jar. With your Pixel 8 Pro, Night Sight with Video Boost makes it possible to capture that spectacular moment clearly – a revolutionary shift from what in the past would have been just a black video with streaks of light. 

When you’re enjoying life and it happens to be dark out, you’re no longer limited to recording those memories in your head. Pixel elevates your phone’s camera to an entirely new place – and officially ends an era of grainy, streaked, and blurry videos.

Night Sight Video on Google Pixel 8 Pro is powered by Video Boost,1 so you can get a crisp video of the moment – even in low lightCutting-edge video processing and Google’s cloud AI capabilities mean you no longer have to worry about shaky or imperfect videoTurn on Video Boost in settings, hit record, and you’re golden, capturing night video like never before
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  1. Coming soon. Requires Google Photos app.

  2. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all audio elements.