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Google Pixel gets a minty refresh.
Expressive, unique, and versatile, Pixel 8’s new Mint color is one more way to personalize your phone.

Google Pixel 8 is getting a refreshing update. 

The newest Pixel phone, in a cool mint green, is minty fresh – “a breath of fresh air and a cool spring breeze,” says Jenny Davis, a CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) design manager at Google who led the team in creating and conceptualizing Mint. “It’s serene, yet not boring. It’s a luminous color that really invites the mind into a state of calmness – energized calmness.”

The Mint Pixel 8 Pro and Mint Pixel 8 are packed with all the Google AI you find in the rest of the lineup. Available exclusively on the Google Store or Google Fi Wireless website in the US, Mint is an especially expressive, unique, and flexible phone color, ensuring it will match your clothes, accessories, and other Google products. For example, it pairs well with the recently released Sage watch band, notes Davis. Add the Mint Pixel phone case for Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 for another pop of Mint.

“That’s how we approach building a color – it goes really well with other things you might wear, accessories, or your home. And I could just really see how that beautiful collection of Pixel products fits into Mint,” she says. 

Jenny Davis, CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) design manager at Google Mint is a breath of fresh air and a cool spring breeze.Expressive, unique, versatile – and lasting

“We’re very intentional about each color, because we know that each color has a very significant role within the collection,” says Davis.

Davis’s team thinks about color as part of a larger ecosystem – including color trends, what is going on in the world, and how a color will fit into the Pixel portfolio. “We want to make colors that feel relevant,” she says.

Relevant – and lasting. Even as a new color is exciting when it debuts, it can also feel fresh and new for years to come. Mint is right for today – daring and optimistic for a new year, new you – and a compelling color for years to come.

Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
A splash of color

For this minty refresh, Google partnered with artist Ricardo Gonzalez (@itsaliving) to paint over a Pixel 8 billboard in New York City using the fresh Mint color, artwork that took over Google’s social channels, as well. Fans were invited to see him paint a live mural in SoHo and attend an exclusive art workshop at the Google Store Chelsea, where they got to create their own minty-fresh canvases.  

Gonzalez, an artist from Mexico who lives in Brooklyn, was asked to create something impossible to look away from. This element of surprise and delight pairs perfectly with Gonzalez’s immersive approach to street art, which aims to “create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork.”

“The campaign is about taking over the billboard and making a visual statement where people wonder: What happened to the billboard? Is it painted or not?” Gonzalez says. “The takeover of the mint green is the statement: The color is the message.” 

Gonzalez, who studied graphic design in art school, combines the precision of lettering with the more abstract elements of street art. His work often translates to clean lines, bold colors, and big shapes. That style suits his large-scale, immersive projects, like painting a bright, bold 14-story mural on a building in Paris with the words “to live and love” in cursive, or designing a series of race cars meant to evoke playfulness and nostalgia.

“I like to paint large-scale pieces because it’s a lot of fun,” Gonzalez says. “You get to work outside.” For Mint Pixel 8 Pro and Mint Pixel 8, that means in the minty-fresh air. Go behind the scenes to see how Google partnered with street artist @itsaliving to refresh their billboards to celebrate the launch of the fresh new Mint #Pixel8 and Pixel 8 Pro here:

The fresh new color is available exclusively on the Google Store or Google Fi Wireless website in the USPixel in Mint pairs well with the recently released Sage watch bandTo launch the new color, an artist painted over a billboard in mint green
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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