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Take Your Fitbit Luxe to the Next Level with SpO2 Tracking and Always-On Display Mode
by Fitbit Staff

Loving your Fitbit Luxe? Good news, we’re bringing more exciting features to your favorite fashion-forward tracker with a new FitbitOS update. Rolling out October 5, SpO2 tracking and always-on display will now be available to Luxe users. 

Keep reading to discover all this exciting update has to offer.

Stay on top of your wellness with SpO2 tracking

New to SpO2? Also called oxygen saturation, SpO2 is the level of oxygen in your blood, which helps replace worn-out cells, gives you energy, supports your immune system, and more. 

Blood oxygenation is a crucial part of your body properly metabolizing the energy it needs to function at an optimal level. Our bodies distribute oxygenated blood to every part of our body—and SpO2 is the level of oxygen in your blood, which is generally between 95 and 100 percent. 

Knowing your SpO2 trends can better help you understand your overall wellness. There are several factors that can affect your body’s ability to maintain blood oxygen levels, which include: there must be enough oxygen in the air you’re breathing and your bloodstream must be able to carry oxygen throughout your body. An issue with either of these factors could impact your SpO2 levels.

How do you find it? It’s in the Fitbit app in your Health Metrics Dashboard or right on your Fitbit Luxe when you swipe up to your Today screen.

Daily tasks made more convenient with always-on display

Here at Fitbit, we’re always working to give you the best experience when it comes to using your smartwatch or tracker on the daily. With always-on display, the screen is always illuminated, so you don’t need to tap or raise your wrist to see the time, giving you optimal convenience throughout the day. See real-time exercise stats and check the time with just a glance—even when your hands are full. Note that the always-on display mode requires more frequent charging.

Set up your always-on display right from your wrist by clicking Settings -> Display settings.

Don’t wait on bringing your Fitbit Luxe to the next level—simply update your device to unlock SpO2 tracking and always-on display today!

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