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BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, and More from LES MILLS Coming to Fitbit Premium
by Fitbit Staff

Get pumped: new fitness content is on the horizon—announcing premier global fitness brand, LES MILLS, coming to Fitbit Premium, bringing you their fan favorite workouts like BODYPUMPTM, BODYATTACKTM, BODYCOMBATTM, and more.2 Popularized in gyms around the globe, LES MILLS is synonymous with high-energy, heart pumping workouts. With Fitbit Premium, these workouts are now available anytime from your Fitbit app.

LES MILLS’ fitness masterclasses are powered by science to maximize results, crafted to incredible music and presented by some of the world’s leading instructors to motivate you and transform your body, mind, and life.

So what can you expect from this new fitness content? Keep reading to find out. 


For 40 years, LES MILLS has created the world’s favorite fitness classes, like BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, yoga, dance, cardio classes, and more, taught in 21,000 gyms around the globe. Scientifically designed to maximize results and inspirationally crafted by the world’s leading choreographers to incredible music, the classes are cinematically filmed by award winning production crews and presented by some of the world’s best instructors. 

LES MILLS on Fitbit Premium

Fitbit’s partnership with LES MILLS transports you into the middle of the greatest group workouts on the planet—from anywhere. 

Varying in intensity levels and equipment requirements, with Fitbit Premium you will receive 25 new LES MILLS workouts. Here are some classes you can look forward to:

BODYPUMPTMA total body barbell workout that will get you lean, toned and fit—fast (requires equipment). 

BODYCOMBATTM. High-energy martial arts that burns serious calories. You’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, release stress, and feel fierce and empowered.

BODYFLOWTM. Fuses yoga with tai chi and Pilates to build strength and flexibility. This beautiful workout will improve your mind, your body, and your life.

LES MILLS GRITTM. A 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength and build lean muscle (requires equipment).   

TM. High-energy athletic training ideal for all fitness levels. Get set for jumping, lunging, push-ups, squats, and more, all set to energizing beats. 

LES MILLS CORETMUses elite training principles to build strength, stability, and endurance. It improves athletic performance and can assist in injury prevention (equipment optional).

LES MILLS DANCETMThe perfect way to learn the freshest dance moves and boost your fitness. Each banging dance routine is energizing, effective and fun—and the routines are broken down into easy-to-follow blocks so you can master the magic in no time. If you’re ready to have fun and lose yourself in the music, you’ll love LES MILLS DANCE.

Plus, LES MILLS workouts are a great way to get your heart pumping and hit your Active Zone Minute (AZM) goal. Make sure to check your Daily Readiness score (coming soon; requires Premium membership) to see how prepared your body is to take on one of these challenging workouts—the score will also let you know your AZM target for the day if you’re prepared to take on some tough exercise!1

Access LES MILLS Today

To find all your Premium fitness content, head to Discover > Workouts in the Fitbit app to unlock these heart pumping exercises and bring your fitness routine to the next level today. Let’s go!

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  1. COMING SOON. Daily Readiness requires a Fitbit Premium membership. Premium content recommendations are not available in all locales and may be in English only.

  2. May be available in English only.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or condition. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, or starting a new fitness routine.