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The power of two: flexibility with dual SIM phones.
Discover how a dual SIM phone can make daily life more flexible.

Staying connected is more important than ever.

And managing your different connections seamlessly is a big help – whether it’s for work, keeping in touch with loved ones, or juggling multiple phone numbers. 

This is where dual SIM phones come into play, offering the convenience of two SIM cards in a single device. 

What is a dual SIM phone?

Dual SIM phones let you put two SIM cards in one phone. This means you can have two different phone numbers and plans at the same time, like a personal number and a business number. You don’t need to carry two phones or keep switching between SIM cards. 

Benefits of a dual SIM phone
  • Travel made easy: Dual SIM phones are great for travellers. Instead of paying costly roaming charges, just pop in a local SIM card in the second slot while keeping your main one. It’s cheap and easy, letting you stay connected without expensive charges while you’re abroad.

  • Balancing work and personal life: A dual SIM is a handy option for busy professionals who want to keep work and personal calls separate. Simply use one SIM for work and the other for personal stuff. You can maintain boundaries between work and home without needing two phones or switching all the time.

  • Getting the best network: Dual SIM phones are handy when coverage is spotty or when you move between regions with different providers. You can easily switch between carriers. Pick the SIM with the best network, data plan, or coverage wherever you are.

How are single, dual, and hybrid SIMs different?
  • Single SIM: One SIM card, one phone number, one network carrier.

  • Dual SIM: Two SIM cards, two phone numbers, two network carriers (or one network carrier for each SIM).

  • Hybrid SIM: One SIM plus a microSD, or a dual SIM setup. 

Using a dual SIM in your Pixel phone

If you have a Pixel 3a or later phone, you can use two SIM cards: one regular SIM card and one eSIM. For Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and newer models, if your carrier permits, you can use two eSIM profiles at the same time. Learn more about how to use dual SIMs on your Pixel phone

With Pixel’s ability to accommodate two SIM cards in a single device, double the SIMs means double the convenience. Whether you travel a lot, have a busy job, or just want a simpler way to stay connected, dual SIM phones let you handle today’s communication challenges effortlessly. 

Setting up dual SIM functionality on your Pixel phone is easy and can be completed in a few simple steps. Follow our instructions on how to add a second SIM. 

With a dual SIM phone, you can use two different phone numbers on one deviceBenefit from flexibility, cost savings, and convenience with a dual SIM phoneFor Pixel 3a series or later phones, you can use two SIM cards. This includes one regular SIM card and one eSIM
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