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Google can help your kids ace school before the first bell rings.
Set routines and help keep your children safe and connected as they head back to school.

When balancing full-time jobs with raising kids, parents need all the help they can get.

Lori Sullivan, an IT consultant in Malverne, New York, is thankful to get that help from a well-structured home automation supported by Google products. 

Sullivan uses the Google Home app on her Pixel phone to help keep her three boys on track during the day. Before heading back to school, a morning alarm sent out through the Nest Mini speakers in her boys’ rooms helps wake them up. They also get evening reminders as they wind down for bed and get ready for the next day. 

“I was an early adopter of Google products, so I’ve been creating my own systems for a while,” Sullivan said. “But I love how easy Google Home is.”

Pixel Tablet
Help in your hand. And at home.

As summer ends and your children head back to school, Pixel can get them started with their days. You can set up home automations for morning wake-ups, nighttime wind-downs, and throughout the day to keep after-school activities and play dates on schedule. Kids can also use Google Assistant on Pixel phones and the Pixel Tablet to help with homework. And whether your children are using their devices while commuting, studying, or hanging out with their friends, Pixel’s safety features can help keep them safe. 

Zachary Hoffman There’s so much about a kid that’s unpredictable. So the more predictability you can have, the easier your life will be. Set household routines

For many parents, routines are important, no matter what each day brings. Zachary Hoffman and his wife work two different schedules, but are diligent about maintaining their daughter Lily’s morning and nighttime routines.  

“There’s so much about a kid that’s unpredictable,” Hoffman said. “So the more predictability you can have, the easier your life will be.” 

Custom Routines that work seamlessly with your smart home devices can take some of the stress out of even the most hectic days.1,,,2 Instead of setting a jarring alarm, you can create a home automation that gradually turns on your smart lights to simulate a sunrise.3 To help your kids concentrate on their homework on weekday afternoons, ask Google Assistant to set your Nest speaker to play a customized playlist of focus-time music. 

Sullivan uses her Google Nest devices as intercoms by asking Google Assistant to send voice messages to other devices in her house. “If I want one of my kids to come down for breakfast, I’ll just tell Google Assistant to broadcast a message that plays on his Nest Mini,” Sullivan said. And for recurring announcements like leaving for the bus or homework hour, you can even schedule broadcasts using home automations.

A well-maintained calendar goes a long way toward quelling chaos. The Pixel Tablet can help with that. With the Google Calendar app, you easily view a schedule or day/week/month views for the whole family – so you always know what’s coming up that day and what fun events to look forward to over the weekend.

Form better study habits

Beyond helping parents set routines, the Pixel Tablet and Pixel 8a are also great options to help your kids in school. Sullivan’s children use their Pixel devices as study tools by asking Google Assistant to give historical context for a book they’re reading or check their work on math problems. 

“There’s a new way of doing math now, and I’m less familiar with it,” Sullivan said. “So when we need to check my son’s work, he’ll use Google Assistant to verify that he’s done it correctly.” 

For after-school learning, they can use Google Kids Space on the Pixel Tablet, which launches a kids mode with recommended books, videos, apps, and games based on their interests. Kids Space helps your child access appropriate and engaging content and works with Family Link for parental controls.

Put safety first

To help keep your child safe as they head back to school and go to activities, you can set a check-in timer on their phone through the Personal Safety app. If your child doesn’t confirm they’re OK when the timer goes off, Pixel will send you an alert with their location. And Call Assist helps screen your child’s incoming calls, filtering out unknown numbers and spam.                 

Their web traffic will also be secure when they browse online with their Pixel phones, thanks to VPN by Google One.4 Sullivan said she’s found a VPN to be particularly important because she can’t always monitor what her children do online.

“They turn their phones into hotspots and share data with friends, so it’s really important that they’re protected,” Sullivan said. “After all, kids will be kids.”

Home automations help keep your children’s daily schedules on track Smart search tools can be helpful for studyingCustom Routines work seamlessly with your smart home devices
Pixel Tablet
Help in your hand. And at home.
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  1. Requires a compatible smart device.

  2. Requires working internet and Wi-Fi.

  3. Home automations require additional enrollment and setup, and depend on working internet, Wi-Fi and service availability from Google and third parties that manufacture devices included in the Automations.

  4. Restrictions apply. Some data is not transmitted through VPN. Not available in all countries. All other Google One membership benefits sold separately. This VPN offer does not impact price or benefits of Google One plans. Use of VPN may increase data costs. See for details.