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With Google Pixel Fold, the sky’s the limit.
Forget about a tripod. This foldable phone is easy to set on any surface, and its inner screen lets you photograph the stars above.

Made by Nicholas Wilson on Pixel Fold

Away from city lights, the night sky glows with boundless stars.

For years, capturing these brilliant moments in pictures has been the domain of professional photographers. But with Night Sight on Google Pixel phones, anyone can snap those spectacular shots of the night sky.1

One of the trickiest aspects of photography is keeping the camera still. And that’s especially important for taking pictures of the stars, which requires the aperture to stay open longer. But Pixel Fold users no longer need a tripod to steady their shots, because the phone balances nicely when it’s in tabletop mode, with one screen pointed directly up at the sky. Plus, Pixel Fold gives you a better view of exactly what you’re capturing. Its split screen lets you see what the camera is pointed at, so you can take a photo of the night sky without the guesswork.

Nicholas Wilson, photographer Anybody can take these photos. If you have a desire to go take astrophotos and you have patience, you can get a great shot. Software smarts for the stars

The technology star behind these spectacular nighttime images is the Google Tensor G2 chip in Pixel phones. Tensor G2 brings Google’s advanced computational image processing to Pixel Fold to enable efficient hands-free photos and sharper low-light photography.  

And it’s a game-changer for astrophotography. Pixel eliminates hours spent taking long-exposure shots by condensing the process into one single four-minute exposure – no editing necessary – using Night Sight.1 This feature will automatically engage if the phone detects a steady camera and a dark setting away from light pollution.

Pixel Fold
Power and innovation. Folded into one.

“You don’t need to mess with apertures like you do on a traditional camera,” says Nicholas Wilson, a photographer who has worked with the Pixel team to develop some of its pro-level features. “Google Pixel takes all the hard work out of the process.”

Wilson’s work used to require a DSLR camera, a telephoto lens, more than a hundred long exposures over a period of hours, and photo editing software. Those edits included a technique that eliminated “noise” in an image, whether it’s a hint of magenta or green, or passing airplanes or satellites. Now, anyone with a Pixel Fold can set their phone down and get spectacular images with just a few taps.

Pixel Fold is also much lighter than any camera gear: its slim design slides into your pocket and you can hold it with one hand whether it’s folded or not. Plus, Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ makes the outer screen resistant to scratches. 

Leave the tripod at home

Shaky shots caused by shaky hands are a thing of the past with Pixel Fold, because a foldable phone provides stability on most surfaces – something you need for long-exposure photography. Set the foldable phone on any surface, whether it’s a rock or a car roof, open the Night Sight feature,1 and within minutes, you’ve got a high-resolution, Instagram-worthy image that would have been impossible to get in the past. Just tap the Night Sight feature, which takes 16-second photos and merges all of them together for a single crisp and detailed photograph of the night sky. 

Want to get a picture of the moon with El Capitan? No problem. Arches National Park framing the Leo constellation? Perfect. Pixel Fold is your ticket to all the long-exposure pictures you’ve ever imagined but were never able to take.

“Anybody can take these photos,” says Wilson. “If you have a desire to go take astrophotos and you have patience, you can get a great shot.”

Astrophotography in Night Sight lets users snap spectacular shots of the night sky1Pixel Fold has the most durable hinge in a foldable phone2With the phone in tabletop mode, you no longer need a tripod to steady your shots
Pixel Fold
Power and innovation. Folded into one.
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  1. See for details.

  2. Among foldable phones in markets where Pixel Fold is sold. Based on durability testing conducted by Google LLC. Testing includes folding and 1 meter tumble/drop tests using competitor and pre-production Pixel Fold phones. Pixel Fold is not drop proof.