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How Google AI is already making your Pixel phone more helpful.
Every time you use a feature like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur,1 or Live Translate,2 you’re using Google AI.

Artificial intelligence may sound new, but you’re probably already using it in more ways than you think. 

Anytime you turn to your Google Pixel to plot the best route with Google Maps, edit a photo with Magic Eraser,1 or identify a landmark with Google Lens, AI is helping to make it happen. Here are nine ways Google AI makes everyday things easier:

1Explore the world’s wonders or find your local coffee shop with Google Maps

Millions of people discover neighborhood gems and confidently get to where they need to with their trusted Google Maps app. With immersive view, you can preview a route or a place’s vibe before leaving, and determine the best time to go with dynamic weather and traffic information based on time of day. You can fly over buildings, landmarks, and streets – and even explore the interiors of businesses – without ever leaving your couch thanks to AI and computer vision powering photorealistic 3D representations of the world in Google Maps. 

2Elevate your photography game with Photo Unblur and Magic Eraser

Photo Unblur in Google Photos uses AI and machine learning to reconstruct details from images – new or old – to reduce blur, leaving a crisp image. 1 Magic Eraser, meanwhile, uses advanced AI to automatically identify certain distractions in your photo, letting you delete them with just a few taps.

3Search for what you see with Google Lens

If you can see it, you can search it with Google Lens.3AI powers technology that lets you identify plants from an image, find an outfit you saw online, or track down the source of an old photo. Soon, searching will be even better with generative search, which uses AI to help you find answers faster.

4Translate and converse more naturally with Live Translate 

Whether you’re asking for the check in Portuguese or requesting help with directions in Farsi, Live Translate gives you AI-powered contextual translations.2 A neural network learns from millions of examples, giving you accurate and fluent translations. And if you need text-to-speech translation, AI helps produce natural-sounding speech with correct pronunciation and emphasis.

5Conquer your inbox with Gmail

Use your Pixel to get additional suggestions when writing your email, especially on the go. Sign up for Help Me Write (part of the Workspace Labs program) to test out one of our newest features, which can create entire email drafts based on simple prompts. Ask a friend for book recommendations, or write a glowing review for a customer service agent who came to your rescue. Whatever the case, once you hit Create, you’ll see a full draft based on your prompt, right on your phone.

6Make and receive clearer calls with Pixel Call Assist

Calls on Pixel are clearer and easier thanks to AI. Clear Calling on Pixel phones lets you better hear the person on the other end by using AI to filter out background noises and enhance the speaker’s voice.4 And when you use Pixel to call a business with an automated menu, Direct My Call uses AI to transcribe the directory into tappable number buttons.5

Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
7Enjoy videos with more accessible captions on YouTube

When you enable automatic captions on YouTube, machine learning kicks in to convert speech to text in 14 languages. It can even auto-translate the text into more than 16 languages, making the videos you watch on your Pixel phone, Pixel Tablet, and Chromecast with Google TV more accessible than ever.

8Get better ZZZs 

To help you have more awareness of your sleep patterns, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Nest Hub use machine learning to detect snores and coughs. Don’t worry – the algorithm identifies disturbances by their sound signature, and doesn’t store raw audio. 

9Stay safe and informed with Google’s crisis alerts

When natural disasters or hazards strike, you’ll have easy access to trusted safety information on Search and Maps with Google's crisis alerts. Predictive modeling powered by AI can forecast when an event like a flood will occur, and provide quick access to interactive maps so that you can see your location relative to the affected area. 

Google uses AI to make everyday things easier Pixel is built with many helpful features powered by Google AIEvery time a Pixel owner turns to a tool like Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur,1 or Live Translate,2 Google AI is at work
Pixel 8 Pro
The best of Google. Even more pro.
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  1. Requires Google Photos app. May not work on all image elements.

  2. Not available in all languages or countries. Not available on all media or apps. See for more information. Translation may not be instantaneous.

  3. Results may vary depending on visual matches.

  4. Not available on VOIP calls. Call quality depends on environment, carrier network conditions, and many other factors. Actual results may vary.

  5. Not available in all countries or languages. Toll-free numbers only. May not detect every on-hold scenario.

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