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3 New Features Make Exercising with Fitbit Better than Ever
by Fitbit Staff

Planning to break a sweat at the gym, trying that hot new cardio kickboxing class, or hitting your tried-and-true running path later? Be sure to check in with Fitbit before you get started, because as of today your exercise experience is getting an upgrade!

Thanks to the release of three new features, you can now track your workout stats and personalize your exercise experience in more ways than ever before. Read on to learn what’s new for all Fitbit users and what’s been updated for Fitbit Charge HR™ and Fitbit Surge™ users.


If you need an extra nudge to get moving, it’s your lucky day! Fitbit now lets you to set weekly exercise goals based on the number of days per week you want to be active. Exercise goals help you stay motivated on a daily and weekly basis by showing a picture of your progress to keep you accountable on your health and fitness journey.

Whether you track your workouts directly on your device with exercise modes, manually log a workout or use MobileRun in the Fitbit app, every exercise you do counts toward your goal. Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge users can rely on SmartTrack, a new feature that automatically tracks workouts, like walking, running or outdoor cycling, and gives you credit for your activity toward your exercise goals. (Keep reading to learn more about SmartTrack!)

Best of all: you can set the goal that’s good for you! Right now, your weekly exercise goal is set for five days per week. In the app, you will be able to personalize your weekly goal to fit your fitness objectives.


Tracking workouts on Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR is easier and smarter than ever thanks to a new feature called SmartTrack. Now your tracker will automatically recognize that you’ve done an exercise, identify the type of activity, and record it in the Fitbit app.

SmartTrack only recognizes workouts or activities where there is continuous movement—things like walking, running, outdoor biking, and elliptical, as well as high-movement sports, such as tennis, basketball, and soccer, among others, and workout classes that keep you moving, like cardio-kickboxing and Zumba.

SmartTrack can also be personalized. All you need to do is go to the exercise settings in your Fitbit app and select which SmartTrack activities you want to be recognized as workouts. You can also adjust the number of minutes you need to perform each activity in order for it to count towards your exercise goal. For example, SmartTrack can be set to record your 30-minute power walk at lunch, and ignore your casual, after-dinner stroll. (The default setting for SmartTrack is 15 minutes, but you can adjust it to capture activities that last 10 minutes, 90 minutes, and everything in between.)

Planning to participate in an activity with lots of starts and stops, such as a strength-training routine or a bootcamp class? Try using Exercise Mode on Fitbit Charge HR and multi-sport modes on Fitbit Surge for the most precise tracking during workouts and to get real-time stats on your wrist.


A recent update to PurePulse heart rate technology for Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge enables an even better heart rate experience during and after your workouts. The update improves heart rate tracking performance when using Exercise Mode and multi-sport modes during certain high-intensity workouts. You might notice the enhancements while cycling, working out on cardio equipment, or during high-intensity exercises—like during your next Zumba or bootcamp class, for example.1

Are you ready to crush some goals?!

With these three new features from Fitbit, you now get more from your exercise experience than ever before—more personalization, more accountability, and more success!

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  1. Your personal heart rate tracking results with PurePulse may vary. As with all heart rate monitoring technologies, accuracy is affected by physiology, device location, and different movements. Learn more.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or condition. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, or starting a new fitness routine.