Get connected with the Google On app

Download the free Google On app to manage your OnHub router right on your phone or tablet. The app guides you through setup, shows you which devices are connected to your network, and offers help if there's a Wi-Fi slow-down.

Simple setup

The Google On app guides you through an easy-to-follow setup, so you’ll be online in minutes.

Prioritize a device

Streaming a movie or playing a game? Send more bandwidth to where it matters most.

Help when you need it

If there’s ever an issue with your Wi-Fi, the Google On app tells you what it is and how to fix it.

Run a network check

Easily test the speed of your connection for hiccups. The app gives you simple ways to get back to peak performance.

Share what you want

Guest Wi-Fi with Device Sharing lets you create a separate network for family and friends and give them access to devices you want to share, like your Chromecast.

Easily get friends online

Text friends your network name and password to get them online quickly.

Available for Android and iOS devices

The Google On app works with both Android and iOS phones and tablets.¹

¹The Google On app is compatible with Wi-Fi enabled Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher or iOS devices running iOS 7.0 and higher.