Google Home Mini

How to get Google Home Mini’s help.

You have control over when you want Google Home Mini to respond to your voice commands. Its lights tell you the status of your device when you say 'Ok Google'.

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No lights.
Waiting to hear the "Ok Google" hotword.
Dots animate.
Listening for your request and ready to help.
Four amber dots.
Voice control deactivated.
Ok Google, what is the nearest flower shop?
OPA Bubble Created with Sketch.
I found a few places nearby …
Meet the Google Assistant.
The Google Assistant that powers Google Home is your own personal Google, ready to help when you start by saying "Ok Google". You can ask it questions and tell it to do things. It can help you get the quickest route to where you want to go – and if it knows when you need to be there it can prompt you to leave to get there in time.
Many of the Assistant's helpful features are based on data. The more the Assistant knows about you, the better it can assist. That's why you're asked for permission to use data such as your address or calendar entries during setup.
The Google Assistant on Google Home has SafeSearch turned on, which helps to filter explicit search results.
Google helps keep your data private and safe – and puts you in control.

Google Home Mini and your Google Assistant require data to work. But we know that your data is personal and that it's our responsibility to protect it.

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Our commitments to your privacy and security:

Control personal results on your Google Home Mini.

With your permission, Google Home Mini can assist you in planning your day based on your calendar entries, or flight information from your Google account. But there may be times that you'd rather keep things to yourself – that's why you can turn off personal results at any time in the Google Home app with a single swipe.

You can see and delete queries in your MyActivity account.