Google Wifi

From $159*$179
Set up in 3 steps.
Get the app.
Plug in your first Wifi point.
Use the provided cables to connect your first Wifi point to your modem and power.
Get online.
Follow instructions in the app. Check out some tips on where to place your Wifi points.
Your network in your hands.
Knowledge is power.
See which devices are connected and how much bandwidth they use.
Give your kids a break.
Stay on top of screen time using family Wi-Fi controls.
Block websites
Automatically block millions of explicit websites from your kids’ devices.
Prioritize a device.
Choose a device to get the fastest speed when it matters most, like your Chromecast when you’re bingeing a new TV show.
Get your friends connected.
You can quickly find and share your password from the app, or even create a separate network for guests.