Google Home

Subscription required to play some content.
“Ok Google, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify”
Netflix subscription required.
“Ok Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix on my TV”
Make the most of your Google Home.
Google Home plays nice with the apps and connected devices that you know and love – and we’re adding new things all the time. See the list of compatible services below.1
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Terms apply
Tech specs

¹Requires Internet connection. Controlling certain devices and features in your home requires a compatible smart device. For example, the query 'Play "Stranger Things" on my TV' requires a Chromecast-connected TV, and controlling devices like lights and thermostats requires compatible smart lights and smart thermostats linked to Google Home. Controlling devices such as coffee makers, baby monitors and fans in your home requires compatible smart plugs and/or switches. Subscription(s) may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply.