Google Earth Live Case


Enjoy the natural beauty of Earth

The Google Earth Live Case comes with a companion live wallpaper that showcases a curated collection of striking landscapes from Google Earth.

Explore each location

When a live-wallpaper image piques your curiosity, press the shortcut button and be transported to that location in Google Maps.

At a glance

Explore the best of Google Earth with the Google Earth Live Case, exclusively on your Pixel phone.

Inspired designs

Designed with imagery from Google Earth, the case displays ice formations in Antarctica, the beaches of the South Pacific or the rolling deserts of East Africa.

Live wallpaper

See the world from above with live wallpaper showcasing a curated collection of some of the most striking landscapes from Google Earth.

Programmable shortcut button

A smart case for your smartphone. Use the shortcut button on the case to launch Google Maps, or open your favourite app.

Slim profile

Live Case offers snap-on protection with less bulk for Pixel and Pixel XL.

What's in the box

Live Case


Android 5.0 or higher
Pixel or Pixel XL